Hillary Clinton at Rick Warrens Church

It looks like Purpose Driven Puppet Master Rick Warren can’t get enough of the world. There’s apparently no limit to “Pastor” Rick’s shameless self-promotion. In my opinion the man is so corrupt that he would gladly pay for the opportunity to spiritually prostitute himself.

As if it weren’t enough to have late-term abortion champion B. Hussein Obama speaking from his pulpit earlier this year, he’s following that blasphemous act with yet another giddy abortionette as a special guest speaker at his mega-church Saddleback; militant feminist and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Maybe he should consider renaming his church and calling it Whore on the Beast’s Back

Don’t get the wrong impression here, this is not a political blog, nor is this a political matter, far from it. This is a matter of stupefying spiritual harlotry of the lowest order. Frankly I’m aghast at the depths to which the Devil Driven apostate Rick Warren is willing to sink in order to realize his fevered high noon fantasies of P.E.A.C.E. plans and to spread his man-centered non-gospel of nothingness.

Crosstalk did a show featuring Brannon House on this topic. To listen, click here. Listen to details from last year’s AIDS conference (in which Barack Obama was a guest) by clicking here.

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