Osteen Said What?!

2 Responses to “Osteen Said What?!”

  1. mike klein Says:

    your attacks on other christians aren,t going unnoticed.

  2. Osteen is not a Christian nor a teacher of truth. He is an accursed unbeliever deceiving the simple. He preaches another, which is not another, gospel so has incurred the judgement of being one of the accursed from God, who is the arbiter of truth. Does Joel sound like the preaching of Christ? Like the preaching of Paul? Osteen wrests the scripture to his own destruction, and the destruction of many who follow him and not the Lord Jesus and who know His Word. The tragedy is not Osteen himself, but the feeble, ignorant state of professing ‘evangelicalism’ that cannot discern the simple gospel from the folly of man. Maybe if more ‘evangelicals’ stuck their noses in the Word of God more, and watched American Idol less, they might recognize a counterfeit when faced with one.

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