The Truth War (John Macarthur)

I recently finished reading John MacArthur’s The Truth War, and I highly recommend it to the readers of this blog. It will help you to understand why this blog does what it does and it will give you a proper understanding of the role of the Christian in the defense of the truth of the Gospel.

Whether you agree with this blog or not it will certainly give you a better understanding as to why we do what we do! And for all those engaged in the Truth War, this is one book that you must have in your library.

I also highly recommend MacArthur’s book Ashamed of the Gospel: When the Church Becomes Like the World.

One Response to “The Truth War (John Macarthur)”

  1. Michael Says:

    Dear sirs,

    I’m reading the book, The Truth War, and I have to say, the opening chapter about, Can Truth Survive in a Postmodern Society, is not going to win many readers over to his cause. Now, I’m a Christian, and far from perfect, I make mistakes and have will make many more. I’m prideful and at times rebellious, after testing and approving what God’s will is for me, deciding what to be FOR and what to be AGAINST, with an almost laughable disdain. Maybe MacArthur wants his book to “look better” or he wants his cause to “feel better” about itself by slamming just about everyone and everything else around it. If that’s what the truth is, I doubt God would be sovereign over any of it. Maybe MacArthur needs a healthy does of the Book of Job; WHERE WERE YOU?!, sir, respectfully?

    By and large, I tend to agree, the truth is under attack. The church has dumbed the message down, no one is perfectly balanced, and this particular chapter of the book would suggest that we’ve “arrived”. Well, then, it’s settled. We don’t need to do anything further. We can settle for the humdrum of whatever comes along because we have absolute certainty. Last time I checked, and I’ve studied and prayed and digested, full assurance is in no way absolute certainty. As the Scripture says, nobody knows the hour when Jesus will come. Doubt is a healthy flip-side of the faith coin; you can’t have one without a measure of the other. To suggest otherwise is going to mislead people in and out of the faith.

    Then he goes on to talk about Apostasy?! I haven’t even gotten this far yet, but I know this. If the chapter Can Truth Survive is the foundation to present his arguments regarding Apostasy, he’s already lost his readership. This is my review of my reading the book thus far. Hopefully it stimulates a healthy discussion and understanding of the matter at hand, because it is healthy to have a respectful dialog about it in order for people to draw their own conclusions.


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