Brian McLaren’s Attack Against Hell and Jesus Atonement

One Response to “Brian McLaren’s Attack Against Hell and Jesus Atonement”

  1. WOW. sounds like classic universal theology. if the cross is in opposition to the doctrine of hell as he suggests. what may i ask is the purpose of the cross. Is he suggesting that everyone is forgiven? if so what did jesus mean when he said unless you believe i am He, you will die i your sins…among others. Is hell merely a metaphor to mr mclaren? is hell simply prsent on earth as other emergents suggest? it seems there is a culture war begining. the sabre rattling has begun. it is an all out battle for truth.

    these are not just peripheral doctrines they are trying to reinvent. these are core and foundational teachings…. are we seeing the rise of the teachers who will abandon sound doctrine. there is much the evangelical church can learn from emergent in terms of justice….but their theology is way off.

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