Preaching outside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston

3 Responses to “Preaching outside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston”

  1. Don in Texas Says:

    Your ministry is growing. Finally… a crowd. Doesn’t seem like anyone is listneing though. Too bad!

  2. Blessings and strength to the man preaching outside Joel Olsteen’s church. That takes all the boldness in Christ to do this. Narrow is the way to eternal life and broad is the road to destruction. Yes many of these people were not listening…but Praise God someone is making a stand for the Truth. Repentance needs to be preached by Joel Olsteen…otherwise it is a message of compromise and ear tickling messages that the majority of humans desire because of their flesh. I pray those that who may truly hear His voice will come out of the deception that they are so eagerly caught in.

  3. Is the majority of Joel’s parishoners African-American?

    I recently read an article about the growth of this false “gospel” in developing nations and how they were exploiting the poor.

    Is this congregation less-affluent that the average for the state?

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