Todd Bentley (Another False Prophet)

Be Warned! Another conman, this guy will take everything from your wallet and is going to lead alot of people astray. From seeing angels and seeing Jesus and receiving personal revelations directly from Jesus.

This man is dangerous and deceptive.

One Response to “Todd Bentley (Another False Prophet)”

  1. We have been devastated for our home church has declared Todd Bently to be the real thing and they have climbed on Todd’s wagon. I discerned after watching Todd twice that he was a false prophet. I know the Word says that even the elite will be deceived, but I can hardly comprehend how 7 pastors in my churcy (now past tense) could believe and follow this deceiver. I just do not get it. I was on staff for 5 years, lead usher and lead greeter as well as many other activities in that ministry. Now we had to walk out,,,where my best friends are,,,and leave. I am and always have been a seeker of the Truth. And I know as I know that the truth is,,,,Todd Bently is a false prophet and is evil. God have Mercy on all of those people for the direction they have chose,,,now we are out to find a new church,,even while being so sad we can hardly stand it. thank God we have Jesus,

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