Rob Bell’s Weird Theology

Rob Bell is a well known “Revelant Teacher.” This is a clip from the Way of the Master Radio about some of Rob Bell’s weird Theology. As with anything we watch, read, or hear; we need to filter the information presented through the Bible.

One Response to “Rob Bell’s Weird Theology”

  1. Hi,
    I agree with the first part about the sin of Solomon and would like to see thw whole article to see Rob Bell’s words put into context

    However the second part? Does The Way of The Master teach that the US army has God on its side? Or that its Gods will for the USA to invade other countries? If so this raises huge concerns for me. When do you see Jesus telling Christians to fight, wage war or invade?
    As far as Rob Bell saying God being neither on the side of the Taleban or the US army this is correct. God is on the side of the Christians as they spread His good news, bring people to know him and through their love do good works? God can and and will use disasters and wars to have people come to know him but he is not on the side of one army or another.

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