Franklin Graham: “No Missionary Work During Olympic Games”

Franklin Graham is following in his father’s footsteps by serving as a shill for the Communist Party. This time, however, it’s the Communist Part of the People’s Republic of China. His father, Billy Graham, made an infamous trip to Russia during the cold war and came home declaring to the media that he hadn’t seen any persecution of Christians while he was escorted by the KGB through the Orthodox show piece churches. After appearing at one of the communist approved 3SPM Protestant megachurches in China, Franklin Graham has declared that he opposes missionary efforts during the Beijing Olympics. We all must have missed that clause in the Great Commission that stated, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature…unless it’s during a Greco-Roman sports celebration hosted by communists who are anxious to show the world what a great God-hating system they have.

Shame, shame on these celebrity evangelicals who have never suffered a day in their lives for Jesus Christ, who rub shoulders with the world’s power elite, and gear their “evangelism” to please them. How dare Mr. Graham go to China where even secular human rights groups warn about the violent human rights abuses of Christians in their house churches. See China Aid’s most recent reports of pre-Olympic abuses of believers. These are Christians who rightly refused to be controlled by the anti-Christ communist government and who are choosing to obey God rather than man.

Lord, help strengthen your suffering church, and shut the mouths of celebrity Americans who call for an end to evangelism in order to please the communists. May your Gospel go out with power especially during the Olympic games when millions of unsaved souls from around the world will be located in one place. In Jesus name, Amen.


Ingrid Schlueter

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