Statement By Franklin Graham on Chinese Evangelism Comments

Franklin Graham released this statement yesterday regarding the controversy his remarks about evangelism during the Olympics.

In my work with both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, I want to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those that are suffering and hurting. This year we will work in more than 100 countries and in each one we are always open and honest about our ministry, that we are Christians and that we want to help their citizens in the name of Jesus Christ.

I support Christian groups that want to do ministry in China during the Olympics. However, I believe we must be sensitive to and respectful of the local church and the impact we as outsiders could have on them. We are guests in China and anything we do or say has a lasting effect on Chinese Christians that will be there long after the Olympics when we are gone. If we intentionally or inadvertently engage in any illegal activity we could jeopardize the well being of these Christians and the church in China. For anyone that wants to review the current laws of China regarding religious activity we have posted this information on

During my visit to China I have been very impressed and surprised by the incredible growth the church has experienced over the past 20 years. Personal evangelism and discipleship is alive and vibrant in China. The church is growing so fast that the greatest need right now is for more theologically trained faculty to prepare the next generation of pastors and clergy.
There is still progress that can be made in the area of religious expression in China, but I am encouraged by the current direction. My prayer is that the church in China will continue to be strengthened and grow. Let us do everything we can to encourage and help the church in China as the world’s eyes will be on their nation this summer.


Ingrid Schlueter ‘CrossTalk Host’ Response.

Friends, the insularity, willful blindness and appalling sell-out of evangelical celebrities never ceases to amaze me. First off, we need a definition of the local church. Franklin believes that the communist approved 3SPM Protestant church is indeed the true body of Christ, even though 3SPM teaching has been changed to meet the approval of atheist communist leaders. That’s problem number one, and it explains why he is “encouraged” at the current direction of the communist government as police rampage through house churches to terrorize and intimidate. He is “encouraged” by the brutal treatment of countless house church pastors and Christians who have been brutalized, jailed and sentenced to labor camps for refusing to let the communists dictate to their churches, all of it reported on widely in Christian media around the world. I would encourage an immediate visit to Voice of the Martyrs website, or China Aid, run by Chinese-American, Bob Fu. This is the direction Franklin Graham finds encouraging? Or are those in his office internet not able to log on to these websites?

Rather than take a stand in defense of the suffering and hurting persecuted true church in China, he prefers to go and speak at posh, showcase communist-approved megachurches with the cameras and TV lights surrounding him and have his handlers release slick, PR statements to appease the donors. It’s the Graham way. This is just what his father did to the Soviet Christians. Shame.

3 Responses to “Statement By Franklin Graham on Chinese Evangelism Comments”

  1. Jesus told me 15 years ago, that the church here in america doesnt have a clue what it is to be persecuted and or to sacrifice for the sake of the gospel of Jesus christ! But WE WILL!! our time is coming! That is why the remark made by Franklin Graham, DOES NOT SURPRISE ME AT ALL. WHAT A SHAME TO THE GOSPEL.

  2. Franklin Graham is simply a “picture” of how much the American church misunderstands the TRUE Church of China. I have traveled to Chine, met with members of the underground church. They work under the “radar” of general world view and are NOT part of the 3SPM. For their faith and obedience to God, they pay a very high price… one that the North American Church has yet to understand. It is always a shame that a person with the “voice” of someone like Franklin Graham who could strongly influence conditions for believers inside China speakes a misguided and watered down message. It will NOT change the TRUE church of China. They will forge ahead and God will prosper His Gospel message through their lives and their deaths. I spent a month with believers in China and will never be the same again. Thank God.

  3. I have just read about Franklin Graham’s comment, and with further reading see that what he did was mistake the 3SPM church for the House Churches. I hope that when he was referring to the growing Christian numbers in China, he meant these precious brothers and sisters. These are the ones that are truly “picking up their Cross daily, and following Jesus’ Word, Spirit and Life”! These are the Christians that are being thrown into the Lions Den. But like Daniel, their souls are under the Divine Protection of their Heavenly Father that they depend on! Suffering is only for a season on earth, and denial of Christ is a suffering for eternity! I pray for my brothers and sisters in China, and around the world. Yes, someday each of us will have to be accountable for what we did with our lives, in the body, and for the Body of Christ! Pray for His Body!

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