Todd Bentleys Myspace

Take a look at Todd Bentleys Myspace. A lot of his favorite bands include Death Metal, Mortification for example. Here is one of their videos (Warning – Very Satanic)

One of their major Symbols on Todds Leg

This picture is called, “Crush hatred, love others”, and is a picture from the Mortification band. It looks like a demon. But what would possess a man to be so into such satanic music to actually open himself up to it to the point of tattooing it on his skin?

What has shocked me further is that I did a little research on this band, and found that they have a song titled, “Necromancide”. This comes from the “necromancy”, which according to a dictionary of means:


1. the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world [syn: sorcery]

2. conjuring up the dead, especially for prophesying

This is already alarming because Todd Bentley is producing extremely “unnatural effects in the world” and openly claims to communicate with the dead and prophesy thereby (see his teaching on entering the third heaven here. In it he claims to have seen Abraham, David and Paul, and had conversations with the Apostle Paul over who wrote the book of Hebrews and prophesies thereby that Paul wrote it). Communication with the dead is forbidden in Scripture, it is solely the practice of those who practice witchcraft and sorcery.

What is even further shocking is the lyrics of that song. Here they are:

‘Communication with the dead

Contact with those in the grave

Reaching out to whom they’ve lost

Morbid existence will count the cost

Divination they will use

A seance they will not refuse

Now be seated and concentrate

Then hold hands to seal your fate

Rotting corpses buried deep

Decomposing in a mangled heap

Unable to speak at all

Only demons answer their call


Feel the violent surge of pain

Flowing through your body’s frame

Demons of hell invading you

Left alone, what can you do

Rotting corpses buried deep

Decomposing in a mangled heap

Unable to speak at all

Only demons answer their call



I am no relation of yours but one spawned

From the depths of hades whose task is to deceive you

This foul practice must be stopped

Before your cadaver starts to rot

Fall prostrate before the cross Bathe in the blood of the sacrifice…’


And yet people will read this and still think he is a ‘prophet’ from God.

5 Responses to “Todd Bentleys Myspace”

  1. benjamindavis Says:

    Who need sheep’s clothing anyways?

  2. Body:
    Hi Melissa, I just wanted to offer a quick observation.

    I looked at the words of the song you highlighted and unless I am wrong it seems that they are actually speaking out against the practice of necromancy. I do believe that even if that is so it is not a subject that christians need to sing about. I understand that there is a christian death metal scene which like all modern forms of christian worship it is believed that evreything is sanctified by God in terms of allowable things so therefore musical styles are also sanctified as long as the lyrics are about Godly issues.

    I thing of the huge christian festival, I believe it’s called cornerstone, which is full of heavy rock christian worship and tattooed christians who have tatoos for the Lord and so on. I spoke with our new youth leader in our church in Ireland and (incidentily she is from the states) about this and she said that that is just their way of expressing their worship of Jesus. So it seems to be that if it’s done in the name of the lord whether it,s tattoos or death metal then it’s ok.

    Now I see another side where Jesus in describing the essence of who he is says ” Take my yoke upon you for I am gentle and humble of heart…”. The question is that if we are supposed to be like Christ and the Holy spirit is teaching us about his ways then you must ask would Jesus get tatoos and sing to His Father in Heaven in a death Metal voice. Extremetly hard to imagine isn’t it. Make no mistake, Jesus was not saying he was soft, on the contrary, he was a Man, but did you ever meet a humble gentle man who would rise up and protect you without care for his own safety. Beautiful thought isn’t it. Well such is Jesus. I have yet to emulate him.

    With regards ,your brother in the Lord, Greg.

  3. james mostert Says:

    i agree with what greg is saying, GOD called us to be all things among all men, if you wanna reach the lost sometimes you need to infiltrate their their “world” in order to build a relationshp. like paul the apostle.

    I do agree that we are also called to be in the world and not of the world and those music videos do not seem to shine the light of christ, but hey i’m by no means perfet and get things wrong all the time, which is ai guess why i need christ.

    I am so glad christ died for my sins , yesterday today and tomorrow.
    Sometimes we just gotta keep our own eyes focused on GOD and all the other religeous stuff and jargon and wanting to judge people will fall by the wayside and we will just love our neighbour as we love ourselves and
    love GOD with all our heart. that is what is most important.

    GOD BLESS you guys, love james

  4. eaglefly777 Says:

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  5. Mark Ivey Says:

    With all due respect, this must be the most poorly researched article I have ever read! I myslef am in a Christ glorifying metal band that play our scene and attempt to win souls. Our band is called Adorned in Ash. Mortification are possibly the Godliest and most respected Christian metal band of all time. Steve Rowe the singer is more open about Jesus and his faith then most pastors in churches!! He preaches at every club they play at and I have personally witnessed it. By the the way Necromancy is speaking to the dead, but note that the song is called Necromanicide, which means DEATH TO NECROMANCY!! They abhor the practice and are mocking it stating that it is the demons who answer the call. They confirm it is a Satanic practice!! Please guys lets not ridicule our brothers. I dare you to research Mortification and Steve Rowe’s testimony and perhaps an apology is due. satan does not need to destroy the church, we do it ourselves!!

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