Paula White Claims To Be A Better Preacher Than Apostle Paul

Hear Paula White in her own words say that the Apostle Paul was not a good preacher. She also says that he was boring. If you don’t want to listen to the whole sermon (and I use that word loosely), skip forward to the 1:45 mark.

She lauds Paul’s writings, but says that since he didn’t take homiletics or hermineutics, he wasn’t a good preacher because he preached too long. According to White, if you can’t say it in 30 minutes, you can’t preach well.

What Paula says we need in the church?

We don’t need sermons, we don’t need to be preached to anymore… we need the power of God.

After all is said and done, after her much speaking, her sermon turns right back around to prosperity, telling the crowd that God is going to make them rich. See the video below.

Watch Here

One Response to “Paula White Claims To Be A Better Preacher Than Apostle Paul”

  1. rhonda bond Says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website. How disturbing all these so called
    believers of Christ. and to tarnish Jesus’ name his reflection and feel good about taking advantage of the Christian. Most of the ones I’ve found on your website, I’ve wondered about and could not listen to their preaching. Now I know why.
    wow! Just wow! This world’s riches is just not worth giving up eternity with my King!

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