The gospel according to Bruce Springsteen.

Leave your Bibles at home for this one folks; a whole month of sermons based on Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics await you at Grace United Methodist Church (and the descent into complete apostasy continues).

Read this article about the Reverend Morris Brown using Bruce Springsteen’s music to teach the Bible.

Brown says a lot of thought is being put into the sermons so as to not alienate non-Springsteen fans.

Whew, thanks Reverend Brown. Now what about not alienating those who expect faithfulness to the preaching of the Word, sound biblical teaching, a separation from the world, and a reverence for the things of God? Or have those “fundamentalists” already been run off long ago?

His past series offerings playing off pop culture have included a “Games People Play” summer series using board-game strategy and “Lessons from the Motley Crew,” in which the sermons played off the name of the popular rock band Mötley Crüe to talk about spiritual lessons to be learned from the lives of Jesus’ 12 disciples and Mary Magdalene.

I can only imagine what’s next.

Oh wait, I don’t have to imagine, there is more here.

2 Responses to “The gospel according to Bruce Springsteen.”

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