Latest Video from Florida ‘revival’ Todd Bentley

Matthew 24:24-25 – “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. “Behold, I have told you in advance.”

17 Responses to “Latest Video from Florida ‘revival’ Todd Bentley”

  1. Is it just me, or did he put his shirt on backwards that day?

    Man, can it get any more wacko?

    It saddens me how many are being deceived.

  2. Maaan, I can’t seem to find the words to describe what this is. This actually looks as if they’re mocking the work of God by acting like idiots.
    The ones that are falling for this movement is the ones who never seen a real move of God, for if they had, they wouldn’t be there. People’s love ones are dieing and going to hell, and their laughing like hell don’t exist. Yes we are to give Jesus the glory for our salvation, but not before weeping to God about the lost, and even at that, our joy isn’t in acting like crazy indescribable wack out idiots with no self control. THIS IS JUST FALT OUT UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  3. Reverend Susan Petruska Says:

    We must never forget as Christians to display the character of God when we are ministering to one another in the body of Christ. This behavior of kicking someone in the stomach is mocking the Holy Spirit. This crowd is being spiritually raped because they lack a true relationship with God. God does not jerk people around such as what is being shown here. I urge every True Prophet to stand up and confront this man who is deceiving these people. Someone needs to ask him why as a Christian would he have himself tattoed with symbols of the occult. He has been defiled and he is defiling others. This is very disturbing to see so many falling for a false revival. The Bible does not teach us to follow Emma O who is an ONI demon spirit from hell. Jesus is the way, the Truth and the Life. Everything this man is doing is pointing to himself and not to Jesus. There are demons being transferred and manifesting. God Almighty is a God who does everything in decency and Order. It is not the voice of God that would tell Todd to kick someone in the stomach. It is the voice of a demon power using Todd’s immaturity and flesh to mock God. This is grievious to the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches us to test the spirit. One must be careful not to accept everyting they see and hear without checking it for alignment with the Word of God. The elect are being deceived and there is a great falling away from the Lord happening. God is watching many be taken advantage of. God would not tell someone to spend their money on a plane ticket to come to America to get kicked in the stomach. Wake up oh ye slumberers!!!!!!

  4. When I first heard about this Lakeland thing I had a check in my spirit.I sensed that something is not right here.From the beginning I have stated that discernment from the Lord is a must.We as beleivers must ask the Lord for a spirit of discernment to know what is of him or not.It is foolish to rush headlong into something just bescuse somone says it is of the Lord.Just beacuse there are weird and wonderful things happening doesn’t mean it is the Lord.Signs and wonders are not God’s stamp of approval that it is him moving.The devil comes as an angel of light to counterfit the things of God.His time is short and what better way to lead multitudes astray than to colour something that looks good but in reality brings forth grat evil.I asked a friend a question about God and why he allows people to be deceived and he answered and said God doesn’t allow people to be deceived nor does he himself deceive them,people allow themselves to be deceived.I fear that this is what is happening in Lakeland.Where are the watcmen on the wall?Where are the true prpphets of God.I know that God has reserved for himself many who have not bowed the knee to baal.

  5. rachel wagers Says:

    i love god

  6. rachel wagers Says:

    god works wonders!!!!

  7. I’m ashamed to admit that I attended one of his earlier “shows.” I left confused, convicted and second guessing myself. What this man is doing is extremely dangerous. Thank you for reaching out to others by exposing this man’s lies. If anyone ever needed our prayers, is this man.

  8. This man is giving them what they want.
    If they wanted a relationship with the most High God they would seek else where don’t you think?

    He has created a new religion, in order to become it’s god.
    Peter Popov must run a school somewhere.

  9. ian walker Says:

    this is spliting just like the miners srike in england in the 1980s ,thank god for you standing up for the truth

  10. Steve Bradshaw Says:

    Seriously demonic stuff. Stupid congregation.

  11. Steve Bradshaw Says:

    Hi, I wrote post #10, and would like to ask you to replace it with this:

    First impressions are important, and mine was shock when I saw this. Todd’s laugh is sometimes eerily demonic. He has taken all the focus off our Savior and whipped people into a grotesque frenzy.

    (Thanks for your good work.)

  12. The most dangerous deception in a long time.It shows the desperation of some to seek experiences over & above the word of God. We need to blow the dust off our Bibles & read them! test the spirits, exercise the gift of discernment, or if that’s to mutch to ask at least use some common sense. I had hoped that this phenomena was just a short term thing, or another scam but I now feel it is potentially more dangerous than that, having seen the effect it has had on some leaders who should know better I am very concerned at the spiritual infection that could spread through the church. Now is the time to stand up & be counted.
    God bless you all.

  13. Don’t be deceived, cause many false prophets have gone into this world …

    Todd is such a prophet.

    Let’s pray for him and for all who are being deceived!

    (My heart breaks when I see ‘(t)his evil doings’)

  14. Todd Bentley~ Peter Wagner ~Star Gates~ Synchromysticism~ the Wizards of the NEW AGE Christ ~ New Age Light of Lucifer
    Fantasy- dramatic magical – Si-fi — Milky-Way Christianity has arrived. Synchronism of Christianity with mysticism is now at the center of the world’s stage which I view as an attempt of using dramatic magic to become concepts take their quantum leap to godhood. These ministers are wizards and witches of the New Age. They think of themselves as the sages of the Christian Church to bring it to a new mystical age of supernaturalism to join their gods, the Ascended Masters of the New Age.
    “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. “ (Gen 3:5).KJV

    “How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only? “ (Jn. 5:44).KJV
    “That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” (Jn. 3:15-16).
    I find evidences of powerful connections with these New Age Christian’s doctrines of opening the Star Gates and the famous Satanist Aleister Crowley? This Satanist investigated other dimensional beings and attempted to create a dimensional vortex star gate. He wanted to bridge the gap between the world of the seen and the unseen. He developed a ritual called the
    Alamantria Working and according to Crowley, he became successful when he conjured up a presence manifested itself. He called this being “Lamb” that is amazingly similar to the modern pop culture of the greys.
    Fifty years later: Jack Parsons, October 2, 1914 – died June 17, 1952), was an American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology and co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Aerojet Corporation. He was also an enthusiastic occultist, and one of the earliest American devotees of Aleister Crowley did another ritual called the Babylon Working. He wanted to incarnate the spirit of Babylon to our current generation. Parsons was also an avid practitioner of the occult arts, and a follower of Thelema. He saw no contradiction between his scientific and magical pursuits: before each rocket test launch, Parsons would invoke the god Pan.

    It is very mysterious. Todd has disappeared suddenly. Just as suddenly as EMMA-O was yanked off his web page, without explanation, Todd simply disappeared.
    Is he saying holy goat or Holy Ghost here?
    Remember dear Christian brothers and sisters, the war FOR TRUTH is NOT OVER. Todd Bentley is just one symptom of the problem. When it seemed that he was losing the battle a powerful reinforcing army came forth for his defense. It was then, that we could see the seriousness of the problem that is facing the church appear. Forces that have been received for years came out into the open before the entire world that exposed witchcraft practices and doctrines of devils.
    We were accused of “dividing the Body of Christ.” Touching God’s anointed,” Blaspheming the Holy Ghost,” and every strange thing in the world while a very perverse man was snatching souls in front of the world.
    I was part of an army of women in the seventies that fought against the ERA. Our side won that battle and defeated the radical women libbers. However, every bit of that Constitutional Amendment is part of our lives today. Congress legislated it piece by piece into existence. We are living today with so many radical things because the women that won that battle simply went back to sleep.
    Church don’t go back to sleep! Keep alert and by all means Todd is simply one little piece of the raging battle for the church. Keep fighting on and defeat the gates of hell that Jesus promised would not prevail against the church.
    Remember, his release said he was taking a rest, it didn’t say that he was not coming back.
    OPENING THE PORTALS TO THE THIRD HEAVENS TO THE DEMONIC REALMS ~ PETER WAGNER SAYS, TODD BENTLEY is the”PORTAL (STAR GATE) TO THE FUTURE” He also said that they are connecting heaven’s gate to earth! According to the Bible, God’s Kingdom has already come to the Earth. Jesus Christ is the Mediator that has already connected God’s Kingdom to the Earth and heaven, See Ephesians Chapter one. It is a power that is not Bentley’s and Wagner’s to give.
    We must not forget the group of mystical Christians operating in extra-biblical fashion to open the paranormal doors to heaven TO THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. It is a tremendously large army called Joel’s Army that is still on the move to conquer the church and millions of souls.

    Here are a few members of the Latter Rain Movement and few terms that identify them. Todd Bentley, Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner, Che Arn, John Paul Jackson, Jill Austin, Randolph and Kris Vallotton, Randy Clark, Rodney Howard-Browne, Patricia King, Stacey Campbell, Kenneth Hagin, Jr, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Bill Johnson, Barbara Yoder, Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Stephen Strader, Cindy Jacobs. Terminology used: Apostolic Alignment, Gatekeepers, opening portals to the Third Heavens.
    Think about it. We have Christian’s leaders who are “Opening the Star Gates to bring forth supernatural entities that they are calling angels (the Winds of Change and to the Nations). Many Christians are sleeping and do not know that they are mixing the Christian faith with witchcraft.”
    Todd Bentley says, SPIRITUAL ENTITIES & STAR GATES will CREATE SUPER HUMANS “OPEN HEAVENS BRING GOD’S KINGDOM TO EARTH” Then, as heaven manifests in the natural realm, both the rule and the reign of Jesus Christ will be known in the earth. “Let God be glorified!” Yet, don’t miss this: The key to bringing that manifestation to earth is an open heaven—a portal through which the kingdom of God invades the earth!
    See m my latest article concerning Todd Bentley’s article about “Opening the Star Gates to the Third Heaven.”

    Pat Holliday

  16. God is wonderful. Please don’t be religious. Revivals are always mocked. I think healing and delivery are messy! I was once zapped – it was like a lightening bolt of glory, I was floored laughing and I was set free from so much. Not TB, but a similar service in the UK. God’s amazing. They thought the apostles in Acts were drunk and crazy. Just busy yourself with loving Jesus and reaching the lost! Peace.

  17. Sharon Devney Says:

    What a load of rubbish. If he does not repent of what he is doing to people he will be judged by Jesus, then he will not be laughing.
    From Sharon Australia

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