Sermon – Todd Bentley and His Spirit Guides

Pastor Ed shows the dangerous and demonic roots and fruits of this false prophet, Todd Bentley leading a so called revival in Lakeland Fl. A Little history of this false prophet is in order. There are standards to being a minister of God even for those who are washed in the blood of Christ and forgiven, but we here are talking about a guy who believes it is ok to defile his body with religious tattoos and piercings on various parts of his face. He is a convicted homosexual child molester who admittedly is following after other false prophet/drunk/homosexual/lying/criminals who were devil possessed and had devils masquerading as angel spirit guides leading them and their followers into demonic bondage. Click on the link below to watch this guy do his psychic Jonathan Edwards routine.

It is a sign that the apostle Paul told us would be one of the signs of his soon return when people would not put up with sound doctrine. Jesus said that an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, these folks instead of seeking after Christ in his holy word seek after feelings and blessings. Pastor Ed will show from God’s word that he uses these false teachers to prove the true believers that will not create idols in their minds to follow after signs and wonders that lead away from God’s word.

Download or Stream Here

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