Todd Bentley – Messenger of God?

One Response to “Todd Bentley – Messenger of God?”

    Dear Friends:

    TODD BENTLEY AND REVIVALISTS OF THE “LAKELAND REVIVAL ARE BEING CURSED BY RAGING PROPHETS . . . The below E mail is sent out by Matthew Stephens the “prophet” and his in actions in Lakeland of bringing what he calls “God’s judgments”.

    Binding the Death Devil from Todd Bentley’s Lakeland Revival
    Jacksonville, Florida June 8, 2008

    Matthew Stephens and his touring “prophets of doom” is pronouncing his curses over Lakeland and releasing death spirits over the ministers of the Lakeland Revival. As you know, I have been writing about the doctrinal errors of this revival to warn God’s people that it is not scripturally sound. However, I have left the judgments of the men and women involved in the hands of Jesus Christ Who really is the Judge He died for all that are involved and we are supposed to, under the New Covenant, preach the Word.

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