Lakeland Worship!?!

I know I said I wouldnt be posting anymore on Bentley and his Circus but you gotta see this…

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Some of you may have been wondering what “worship” was like at the Lakeland “revival.” But most of you (like me) probably didn’t care. However, as a public service for those who were wondering, I’ve decided to provide you with a video that should satisfy your curiosity (and sicken your stomach).

I couldn’t sit through the whole 4 minutes of this pagan-looking, Woodstock-style, hippie-like, drug-induced gyrating so I skipped ahead. You may want to as well.

Now will someone please explain to me what the woman begins doing at 3:28 into the video and why? Will any Bentley-ite out there please provide me with Scriptural support (not only for this woman’s actions throughout the whole video) but specifically for what she does at that point in the video. And you can’t use, “King David did it” with this one!

12 Responses to “Lakeland Worship!?!”

  1. One can see why the Lord commanded us tio “Try the spirits to see from whence they come.” Poor gullable misguided people.

  2. Wow that went on forever. I agree with CD. I doubt Kind David moshed (sp) on his way into Jerusalem.

  3. That was totally weird!! The “music” brought to mind the drum solo in “Inna-godda-da-vita” (sp!) and the eyes of the dancer were chilling. Why, at 3:28 was she pantomining the action of shooting with a hand gun? I’ve seen many videos of this “revival” since becoming aware of it and they seem to become stranger and stranger. May the Lord open the eyes of the people so deceived by it.

  4. As I looked closely, clip by clip at the hand movements of this girl I was reminded of “Satanic hand symbals” that I have seen before in cult books. I can’t however remember which book. The hand signal I was concerned about happened just about at the 3.28. There are instances where she has her fingers folded in a way that was not just folding figners into other fingers on the hand. There are hand configurations throughout the clip, not just the pointing of the finger like a gun, as if to say “Youre all dead, I got you”. hand signal. The eyes of this girl was empty, dark and satanic looking. How she pulled this one off is beyond me. My spirt quicked with and “Alert” when I first saw the first video of the Lakeland revival. I was disturbed because I heard a lot of “I” and nothing about repentance. God is seeking a generation that will seek Him where they are. Forget the fuzzy feeling, the emothions, the whatever. You don’t have to go to Lakelalnd to find anything but deceipt…and this should be a huge warning sign to Christians that if the teachings DO NOT LINE UP WITH Scripture, don’t go for it. Pray that God exposes those that are involved …and for those that are seeking. Pray for wisdom and discernment…and as Christians, we are obligated to pray, pray, pray … stand on his word knowing that He is not a God to be mocked.

  5. I appreciate your quest for Truth : as in John 16…
    12″I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. 15All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you.

    May you and your readers / subscribers know the power of prayer – interceding for the “pagan / heathen” – esque believers.

  6. I agree with the poster, it really sickens my stomach. How come a “worship session” (I actually dislike using worship as a synonym to singing God praises) does not contain ANY words?! Leave alone a word of praise, thank or repentance to our God and Lord.

  7. Well I have to say it is strange, but i know that all of the people that went and took part and ministered in the revival didn’t perform this way. Suppose the same way some people can’t sing very well may not sound nice but then thats their worship to God not to you, and im sure God still accepts it.
    I believe the revival was from God. In answer to the above post, worship does NOT NEED WORDS. Worship can also be in music without any words needing to be said or sung.
    Music in itself, 1 Chronicles 23:5 – They praised the lord with instruments which David made for giving praise.
    Dance as worship onto God also, 2 Samuel 6:14 – David danced before the Lord with all his might. OR Exodus 15:20,21 – Miriam led the women with timbrels and dances, saying to sing to the Lord.
    Singing, playing instruments, and dancing were all clearly stated to be acceptable acts of worship in the bible, and afaik he didnt say how you were to dance, so this is in defence of the lady in the video even thou it does look strange and it could have been a performance all from the flesh but I will leave that between her and God 😀
    God Bless
    Pete xx

  8. king david did even stranger things,
    greater and crazier things are yet to come.
    fasten your seatbelts.
    farizees cant stand it, they hate humor etc.

  9. You all really lack any sense of teh Holy Spirits inspiration. This is all about spiritual warfare; and with folk like you around no wonder the church is dead

  10. have seen before although rare in spirit filled churches as a form of spiritual warefare . however where believers have the liberty to operate in the spirit as they should , the works of the flesh are also apparent as are the results of our inheirent carnal nature. From the months of worthshipfull praise services I find it odd that this four minute dance could stir up so much negative emotion. It seems that a passion for God and his word can cause his people to err if we dont follow after God in the spirit of Christ…Gal 5;14-16.

  11. Judge yourselves. Tell me what fruit is evident in your lives, you “experts”.

  12. Bob Scruggs Says:

    I went to two of these meetings why I just don,t know the music was so loud we went to the back of the tent and got cotton from the first aid station for our ears. its the music that kind of puts people in a trance I knew this was fake we did meet people from all over the world and came for healing which never came.
    We met two blind men from Sweden of course they weren’t taken to the stage for healing for this was monitored from the ushers!

    When you have over 7,000 – 10,000 in a room with music like that emotions get high to bad Jesus wasn,t there! Bently was drinking something all the time on stage I think it was Wiskey! I,m a fool for going to this evil deception!

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