Todd Friel & Justin Peter’s on Todd Bentley

Todd Friel of Way of the Master Radio interviews Justin Peters about wolf in sheep’s clothing Todd Bentley.

Interview Includes…

-A pastor pronounced “healed” by Todd Bentley Dies 8 Days Later.
-Justin Peters contacted 7 people who went up on stage and said they felt the power of God go through them, and Todd Bentley proclaimed them healed, and NONE OF THE 7 ARE ANY BETTER, there is no change in their physical condition.
-Bentley tells how a man comes back to life after a funeral praising Reverend Todd Bentley.
-How people at Bentley’s ‘revival’ are worked up into a state of frenzy and hypnosis by 2 hours of repetitive trance music.
-How a man inched his way out of a wheelchair, under the orders of Bentley, and fell on the floor, and then people prayed in ‘tongues’ over him for half an hour before lifting him back into the chair

A few things they dont show on GodTV??

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. keep contending! thank you!

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