Bishop to investigate Todd Bentley UK visit


Members of the ministry team of controversial healing evangelist Todd Bentley are to visit London next week – details in our Church Times story: Hype or fact? US outpouring heads for Britain

The Sunday Express had a story about the Bishop of Dudley, David Walker (no relation) and his concern about Todd Bentley’s visit to the UK in September. I mentioned Todd Bentley in a blog post last week: Anglican churches embrace Florida ‘revival’. The Express story, which has the headline ‘Born-again child abuser’s visit to ‘cure cancer” isn’t ‘officially’ online anywhere as far as I can see apart from on the Press Display site which unfortunately doesn’t allow me to link (and causes my computer to slow down). The text has however been posted on Ship of Fools. A couple of extracts:

A Church of England bishop is so concerned by claims that Todd Bentley can cure cancer by kicking tumours out of bodies with his biker boots, he has pledged to investigate before the meetings take place at the NEC Arena, Birmingham.

… Last night the Bishop of Dudley, David Walker, said: “This is the first I have heard of this, but I am concerned and I want to make my own inquiries.”

The paper has a phone-in poll: ‘What do you think – should this charlatan be banned from Britain?’ I’ve no idea how one discovers the results – they don’t appear to be published on the website.

The evangelist is due to appear at the NEC in Birmingham in September. The organisers are the Bakers of the ‘Revival Fires’ church in Dudley, hence the bishop’s interest. I have never quite understood why they have chosen a nuclear explosion as their website logo.

Methodist Minister Richard Hall continues to post about Todd Bentley at his Connexions blog for those interested in finding out more. There have been a couple of related press reports:

5 Responses to “Bishop to investigate Todd Bentley UK visit”

  1. If this whole thing confuses you, listen to the discussion at . It’s balanced, lively and will help you to make your mind up about the Lakeland Outpouring

  2. Polycarp Says:

    At least England is waking up!

  3. […] least England is waking up to Todd B. And taking this guy as a que, can we see the devil behind Todd? Remember yesterday’s post on […]

  4. A good website for info A new Zealand Pastor has done extensive research into this couvnterfeit revival

  5. As an English Christian who only lives forty miles from Dudley, I am glad that at least one leader in the church here is trying to protect the flock.

    I do not wish Todd Bentley any ill will in fact I think we should pray for him.

    On the other hand I cant help but feel concerned about my brothers and sisters.

    I long to see real revival in England. ( by real revival I mean hardened sinners on their knees crying out to God to be saved. If I am wrong about this feel free to correct me)

    I don’t know if God will bring revival while we are chasing false prophets. One thing I do know is this. God is more powerful than Satan and any mess we can make and he is merciful.
    I was deceived myself for many years and a month ago I fell that I should pray for the deception to leave me. That prayer worked because up to that point I was having major doubts, including almost converting to another religion. Since then I do still have some doubts, but now I am more confident that Christianity is truth.

    The point I am trying to make is this- I am nothing special. If God was so merciful to me to me I am sure he will be merciful to others.

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