An Ex-Faith Healer Explains The Tricks From Lakeland(WOTM Radio)

This is an interview on Way of The master Radio with Todd Friel interviewing an ex faith healer, Mark Haville, who, after reading the Bible, realized the unbiblical nature of it. He explains the tricks used to make people think they are healed and how they make people fall over.

4 Responses to “An Ex-Faith Healer Explains The Tricks From Lakeland(WOTM Radio)”

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  2. Robby Deevers Says:

    This is so incredibly sad, that these people are driving and flying from all parts of the country and world to sit through this circus of mockery to get there precious babies healed. To see their fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers be cured of a terminal disease or infirmary and they are left without hope, with less money, and being told its their fault because they didn’t have enough Faith. Garbage. Its Garbage. Don’t you dare fall for the lies of the evil one. Jesus promises you this-Eternity! Where there will be no pain, no worry, and no lost hope. It is God who heals for His glory alone, not for anyone else here on earth or in spirit. Repent, believe, and live for the truth of Gods love through His son Jesus. He will set you free.

  3. Margarita Says:

    I see that there are people the use other means to down play or discredit the things that God has done in the lives of people. Just because this man was using this method to trick people and cause them harm does not mean God does not more today, does not mean he does not heal today. There are plenty of people who go to there doctors and check to see if what happened was real and have documented records of there medical case. It is a very sad and an unfortunate thing that happen with this young girl. She went to be healed for one thing and thought other problems where heeled as well. It is a sham that you would mock her for her mistake and her zeal. She or anyone else should have never done something like that without careful examination; the word always says to test things. How many times did Jesus heal something and had they do something they could have not done before, every time. How many times did Jesus not heal someone from something they had asked his to heal? He said to ask. If you do not ask you can not receive. There have been people with rods that have been surgically placed, not being able to bend over because of the rod, be able to been and gotten check ups and the rods have vanished. Leg growing, I’ am talking about having one leg 3-4 inches shorter then the other and it grow to equal distance with the other. You can not use hypnotism in these situations. How can you disprove theses medical findings? I encourage you to search and find medical records of miracles. I don’t know what you believe but medical records are records that can be overlooked. I am not talking about records done by religious people with an agenda but medical professionals. Please look at all angels before stating that you have disproven something. The internet is already full of so many people’s false conclusions. People give people the whole true. Not just your version, you are discrediting yourself. The world needs truth.

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