Todd Friel on Brian Mclaren And The Dangers Of The Emergent Church

Todd Friel on Brian Mclaren and the dangers in The Emergent Church from the program “Wretched”

One Response to “Todd Friel on Brian Mclaren And The Dangers Of The Emergent Church”

  1. Wow, for a blog that is about “truth” I am amazed at how seeking what is actually true is not really a consideration. The guy playing McLaren is reading his quotes in a patronizing way that tells the audience that what he is saying is stupid based on his tone of voice and discourages actually listening to what is said so you can enter into even handed debate.

    The host spends more time saying “what?” and “thats crazy” than he does actually countering McLaren’s actual argument. Then he calls McLaren’s view the heresy of Socinianism when McLaren talked about his struggle with the idea of penal substitution, which is only one theory of how atonement works (and relatively new historically speaking) and rejecting it does not deny an over all acceptance of the cross or atonement. But the host accuses Brian of Socinianism which denies the preexisting of Christ before he came human and his deity and the trinity. This isn’t even close to anything McLaren said and Mclaren does not deny the deity of Christ or the Trinity.

    Again, I am amazed on how “defenders of TRUTH” can intentionally mislead and lie about what those they disagree with says. This shameful and un-Christ like behavior even if you still think McLaren is dead wrong concerning the things he actually says.

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