Todd Bentley Nightline Full Report

One Response to “Todd Bentley Nightline Full Report”

    It is very mysterious. Todd has disappeared suddenly. Just as suddenly as EMMA-O was yanked off his web page, without explanation, Todd simply disappeared.
    Is he saying holy goat or Holy Ghost here?
    Remember dear Christian brothers and sisters, the war FOR TRUTH is NOT OVER. Todd Bentley is just one symptom of the problem. When it seemed that he was losing the battle a powerful reinforcing army came forth for his defense. It was then, that we could see the seriousness of the problem that is facing the church appear. Forces that have been received for years came out into the open before the entire world that exposed witchcraft practices and doctrines of devils.
    We were accused of “dividing the Body of Christ.” Touching God’s anointed,” Blaspheming the Holy Ghost,” and every strange thing in the world while a very perverse man was snatching souls in front of the world.
    I was part of an army of women in the seventies that fought against the ERA. Our side won that battle and defeated the radical women libbers. However, every bit of that Constitutional Amendment is part of our lives today. Congress legislated it piece by piece into existence. We are living today with so many radical things because the women that won that battle simply went back to sleep.
    Church don’t go back to sleep! Keep alert and by all means Todd is simply one little piece of the raging battle for the church. Keep fighting on and defeat the gates of hell that Jesus promised would not prevail against the church.
    Remember, his release said he was taking a rest, it didn’t say that he was not coming back.
    OPENING THE PORTALS TO THE THIRD HEAVENS TO THE DEMONIC REALMS ~ PETER WAGNER SAYS, TODD BENTLEY is the”PORTAL (STAR GATE) TO THE FUTURE” He also said that they are connecting heaven’s gate to earth! According to the Bible, God’s Kingdom has already come to the Earth. Jesus Christ is the Mediator that has already connected God’s Kingdom to the Earth and heaven, See Ephesians Chapter one. It is a power that is not Bentley’s and Wagner’s to give.
    We must not forget the group of mystical Christians operating in extra-biblical fashion to open the paranormal doors to heaven TO THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. It is a tremendously large army called Joel’s Army that is still on the move to conquer the church and millions of souls.

    Here are a few members of the Latter Rain Movement and few terms that identify them. Todd Bentley, Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner, Che Arn, John Paul Jackson, Jill Austin, Randolph and Kris Vallotton, Randy Clark, Rodney Howard-Browne, Patricia King, Stacey Campbell, Kenneth Hagin, Jr, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Bill Johnson, Barbara Yoder, Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Stephen Strader, Cindy Jacobs. Terminology used: Apostolic Alignment, Gatekeepers, opening portals to the Third Heavens.
    Think about it. We have Christian’s leaders who are “Opening the Star Gates to bring forth supernatural entities that they are calling angels (the Winds of Change and to the Nations). Many Christians are sleeping and do not know that they are mixing the Christian faith with witchcraft.”
    Todd Bentley says, SPIRITUAL ENTITIES & STAR GATES will CREATE SUPER HUMANS “OPEN HEAVENS BRING GOD’S KINGDOM TO EARTH” Then, as heaven manifests in the natural realm, both the rule and the reign of Jesus Christ will be known in the earth. “Let God be glorified!” Yet, don’t miss this: The key to bringing that manifestation to earth is an open heaven—a portal through which the kingdom of God invades the earth!
    See m my latest article concerning Todd Bentley’s article about “Opening the Star Gates to the Third Heaven.”

    Pat Holliday

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