Interview With Stage 4 Cancer Patient, Bentley Kicked

Well, you may have been wondering what happen to the man Bentley kicked in the stomach live on Stage at Lakeland, Roger is 40 years old, he manages a Pediatricians office. The two men who gave Roger the plane ticket to Lakeland and went with him are friends of his from a bible study and do not work for any Fresh Fire affiliates. These questions were asked by New Leaven.

Initial questions to Mr. Roger:

Dear Roger,

I know it took a lot of courage for you to identify yourself as the man in the much-talked-about video with Mr. Todd Bentley. Well, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your testimony. I hope you don’t mind me asking you a few questions for my own benefit. Than you. Here we go:

Before you went to the healing service conducted by Mr Bentley, Were you truly ill? Were others aware of your illness? In going to the healing service, Did you believe that God was going to heal you through the ministry of Mr. Bentley? Do you have firsthand knowledge of others who had known illnesses and were then healed through Mr. Bentley’s ministry? Were you completely healed?

Do you consider Mr. Todd Bentley a man of God? Were you ever skeptical of Mr. Bentley’s healing ministry? If so, Was it because of what you heard from others, saying that he’s only a fake and so on? Or was your skepticism simply one of unbelief, because you didn’t think God can heal you through such ministries as Mr. Todd Bentely?

Thanks for allowing me to question you.

In Him,

TC Robinson

Mr Roger’s reply:


Have no problem with you asking me anything. I don’t see this as being couragous in identifying myself, I see it as a necessity (sp?) since this has been taken way out of context. I just felt that I needed to set the record straight. Anyway:
1)Before you went to the healing service conducted by Mr Bentley, Were you truly ill? Yes, I was diagnosed approx 4 yrs ago this Aug. 7th with Stage 4 Met Colon Cancer which had spread to lymph nodes & liver. I had a colon resection where they took 1 ft. of the sigmoid colon. I then started intense chemo 2 wks after surg. I did this for 6 months. We then did a CT to see if how much the tumors in my liver had shrunk so we could go after those. I went and had my CT, right after I got home from the scan, I wasn’t home but 10 mins & the center where I go called and told me I had to get back to the office right away. They said I needed to have an EKG & they needed to put me on oxygen right away. (It was an urgency as if I were coding in a hosp.) Well, come to find out, the tumors had reponded really well to the treatments, but I had a Pulmonary Embolism. Being in the medical field myself, I know the severity of Embolisms, but I did not know the statistics. I was told by the Pulmonologist that the stats for the size of Embolism that had already traveled to my lung was that 90% of people die within the 1st hour of developing. Well we had to put off going after the liver tumors for awhile to address the blood clot. We treated this with Levonox injections (given in the stomach) for awhile. We then placed a filter in the vena cava the night before my liver resection. We then took 2 pieces of my liver out. I was in ICU the 1st night, then the 2nd day I was moved to another floor. When they moved me from 1 bed to the other, I noticed that I was having problems with my left arm. Turns out, I was having a mild stroke (TIA). So now we had to figure out why this happened. After several studies, it is determined that I have what is called a PFO. I was told this is where the muscle that divides the chambers of the heart is off aligned, so when they moved me and I had to stand up, I must built pressure up from getting up 1 day after being fillet like a fish, that the muscle flapped open and a piece of the clot we had been treating must’ve went across the chambers and flicked up to my brain to cause this. Well, after getting out & recovering, I went back to work and everything looked really good. We decided to recheck me in 8 weeks rather than 3 months. When we did that, I was told that I had a recurrence of my cancer in the lymphnodes in the abdominaL area. So back out of work I was. We went back to chemo & added intense radiation everyday for 6 weeks. We seemed to have hit a home run with this because my numbers were in the normal area for quite some time. Shortly after though, I fell into a depression even though the doctors were telling me I was in the best possible positin I could be in. Not sure why this happened, but when I went for a follow-up appt, the doctor told me that they were wondering when this was going to happen not “if”, they said most people go into a depression when 1st diagnosed or during treatmen, but I was different cause I kept going to the gym & continued playing softball. It was only after really deep into the treatments that I started slowing down. Anyway, he started going down the list of things that happened to me: 1) Diagnosed w/stage IV cancer & had a baby boy on the way. (The 1st thing out of my mouth when I was diagnosed was “Am I going to be around to name my son? He couldn’t give me a straight answer. Just said that’s what were shooting for.”). 2) Had a colon ressection, 3) Went through imtense chemo. 3) Had an embolism (should’ve killed you), 4) had a liver ressection 5) Had a stroke, 6) Had a recurrence. The he said something that didn’t hit me until I was driving home from the appt. See while I was going thru my intense chemo, the 1 constant prayer I said, was “Lord if I fall please help me get up, because in your path to crusafixtion, look how many times you fell & you got up every time. Even when they thought they put you down for good, you rose again. So, please I have to get up.” This was my prayer because at that time, I felt like I was being selfish to ask for healing because there are so many other people out there that in my opinion are much worse off that I am. Although now I know it’s okay to ask for healing. Anyway, the doctor told me after going thru the whole list of things, he said “Look how many time you have fallen and you have gotten up every time.” Like I said, it did not hit me until I was driving, but I realized I got back word for word what I had been praying. The doctor did not have to use those words. He could’ve used any other wording, but he chose those. I do believe that was God answering my prayer. I tell people all the time, God does answer prayers. It may not be right then but in time he will give you the answer. What has happened now, is that my #’s have been slowly creeping up again. A normal CEA for a non-smoker such as I should be no more than 2.5, my numbers had risen to 8.3 and after several scans, we determined that I have a hot (active) cancerous lymphnode in y lower abdomen that is causing my counts to go up. Also, just want to say this, when I was 1st diagnosed, my # was “786″. I asked that doctor, you must meant to tell me that the normal # should be no more that 250 right? he said “No”, so then I said, you must mean that my # is 7.86 ? He said, NO, it is 786 (seven hundred eighty six). I said, WOW, I must be lit up like a christmas tree inside.

2) Were others aware of your illness? Yes, many people including my wife and children.

3) Did you believe that God was going to heal you through the ministry of Mr. Bentley?
I had never been to anything like that before. The 2 gentlemen that I went with, I had told them that I would go with an open mind, open heart, open eyes & open ears as much as I could. I also told them that I was not going expecting anything and if nothing happened to me while I was there, that it was not going to automatically make me think that this whole thing is a sham. See my primary focus was not to see Todd, but to be in the spirit of god. I can say that I had NEVER been around so many God loving people at 1 time before.

4) Do you have firsthand knowledge of others who had known illnesses and were then healed through Mr. Bentley’s ministry?
I personally don’t know anyone, but I met some people that claim to have had a healing. The way I see it, is there are only 2 that truly know if anything has happened. 1 is that individual person & God.

5) Were you completely healed?
I want to make this very clear, that I NEVER said I was healed. What I said to the 2 men that I was with (and they could verify this) is that when we returned home on a Wed, I was to have treatment on that Friday, was that they would be drawing my lab that we track which is called a CEA (Carcenogenic Embryonic Antigen) and I just knew that I was going to have a SIGNIFICANT drop in my numbers. They asked me, “Are you saying you are healed” I said, “Well I guess it just depends on how you view that. All I know, is that I was going to have a significant drop in my #”. they said did you feel anything like a heat or an electricity going thru your body ( I think they asked that cause that seemed to be a commen answer given by people that claimed to be healed.) I told them No, but I did feel like a flutter in my lower abdomen the 1st night we were there, Todd asked everyone that had any problems to place ther had over that area and since I said I was goin to be open about this, I placed my hand over my lower abdomen.
Todd began praying for different things and then he said, “There is someone out there with a cancerous lymphnode in your lower abdomen”. Now I’m not saying he was specifically talking to me, but it did get my attention. So if I had to give a yes or no answer to your question, then it would be no.
After I returned from Lakeland and I had my treatment that Friday. I had a follow up appt with 1 of my doctors. We were getting ready to start radiation therapy. When we re-looked at my #’s and they had dropped to 4.1. My wife and I looked at each other and I proceeded to tell the doctor where I was the previous weekend. the doctor did some calculating and he looked up with a grin on his face and said “You had a 53% drop in your #, I would say that is pretty significant.” I had never had a drop like that in my #’s.

6) Do you consider Mr. Todd Bentley a man of God?
That was the 1st time I ever seen or heard him, but from what I saw & how he spoke of god, yes I would have to say he is a man that loves god.

7) Were you ever skeptical of Mr. Bentley’s healing ministry?
I would have to say yes among others. What I told the guys that I went with, is that I DO believe that god can still do miracles, I DO believe that god can still heal & I DON’T believe that these things have to take place in a certain venue. I also believe that god presents us with opportunies and I believed that god was presenting me with an opportunity to go to Florida with these men.
See, they called and offered to pay my flight & hotel all I had to pay was personal expenses. So I said I would be a fool to pass that up. I also said, ” The thing that kinda rubbed me wrong is that some of the things I have seen via TV, for example Benny Hinn, I’m sure there are some wonderful things that go on during his services, but why do some of these guys like him have to dress up in all white and almost have the light shining on them. Seems like they are trying to put the focus on them. Maybe he does not mean it that way, but that is the perception that is given off.

7) Was it because of what you heard from others, saying that he’s only a fake and so on?

8 )Was your skepticism simply one of unbelief, because you didn’t think God can heal you through such ministries as Mr. Todd Bentley?
No, my skeptisim was not one of unbelief, because I DO think that god can heal. If god chooses to heal thru such ministries such as Todd Bentleys, then let it be done. Like I said, I DON’t believe that god will only do great things in certain venues. God can do it wherever & whenever he chooses.

There is so much more.
May God bless you!

15 Responses to “Interview With Stage 4 Cancer Patient, Bentley Kicked”

  1. Thanks for the link, I’ve just posted the rest of it.

  2. Says:

    This article is so black that I cannot read it without highlighting.
    Please make it light so people like me can see it.

  3. J Siegel Says:

    Nobody asked him how he felt about being kicked in the stomach. No references to that fact which was why he was followed up in the first place if I recall.

  4. […] person with terminal cancer, in fact one who Todd kicked,  testifies online that that he saw an unprecedented 53% drop in his CEA (Carcinogenic Embryonic Antigen) number as a […]

  5. peacebringer7 Says:

    Praise God. Now there will be some that use this to validate Mr. Bentley. But I find it important to note that healing can come from A. Kundanilin, B. Demon C. God.

    I find it important that the man went seeking God, not what TOdd had to impart. I think Todd was directed to assualt the man for that very reason. These are my thoughts. Note though that not all the cancer is gone, or other medical concerns. Note again for the “fishing” for ties in. I think the lack of “electricty” to point more to option 3, versus option 1 or 2. I have no discernment regarding that to know it for certain.

    The presence of any healing doesn’t validate Mr. Bentley. False signs and wonders will and do occur, and God works in the midst as well.

  6. Roger, may God heal you completely. Thank you for sharing.

  7. If this should teach us one thing it should be, DO NOT SPEAK EVIL OF OTHERS, ESPECIALLY MINISTERS

  8. Wow, the guy saw an unheard of 53% drop in his numbers after Todd prayed for him. A miracle.

    Yet there are so many who are so desperate to discredit Todd, so desperate to prove him a fraud, that even when confronted with facts like this, you have to bay about how it doesnt prove anything.

    Did you realise that it was the same crowds that saw Jesus heal the sick that then cried ‘Crucify’?!

    Nothing’s changed obviously in 2000 years of the gospel.

  9. You’re talking just about some numbers here and not of a person who was healed of cancer. Your blood pressure, temperature, sugar level, oxygen content, pulse, blood count, ect rise and fall all the time. When will this person go back for another examination. Todd is a fraud and if you wish to believe this person, then its your freedom to do so. Why would God select a freak like Todd to dress like a bum (holes in his pantsl and act foolish shaking his head like he’s geeking down from a crack rush to deliver his word? Todd was called by GODTV and not the God from the heavens. This scam artist will be busted sooner or later. Get on the plane and fly down there so he can get you to fall under the spirit but make sure you got your catcher behind you. How can you pass out and yet extend your hands to cushion the fall? Phony fake scam fruad. My opinion and I’m entitled to it.

    • Thanks for the opportunity to say that if you are a follower of Jesus, you don’t have the right to an opinion. You don’t have any rights. Jesus is your LORD. Not that he isn’t open with us. His Lordship is extremely pleasant obviously. But show me where in scripture your “right to an opinion”.

  10. pamelacagle Says:

    Todd Bentley what can I say, This is my testimony and being accountable to god for all that comes out of my mouth. Me and my husband went to a Todd Bentley conference not knowing who he was at the time in 2002 in Bakersfield. We were new to the Lord and when they had a prayer line and Todd Bentley Blew towards the people some man came behind my husband and buckled the back of his knees (now keep in mind they had us stand close together) and my husband fell but not by the hand of God but by the hand of man my husband was so upset that he told come on were leaving. I heard people got heald and set free but here a verse that forgive me for not quoting it all the way – they say lord there using your name should we stop them and the lord said no for if there using my name then leave them – So we just need to leave this ministry into the lords hands and pray for any that have left there feeling less then when the walked in and that God will be faithfull to his word to complete what he has started. I know that its very hard to do this because we have a flesh and it wants to react – but if I do I will be no better then the othere this stuff has been manifesting and the lord beared witness to it – We will see in the time to come that all things done in secret wil come to the light and be exposed. Just stay watchfull in prayer and keep the faith

  11. Caught Thinking Says:

    Well, I’ll say this; God heals that is not in question here. God can use anyone at anytime to accomplish his will, think talking donkey.

    Still the problem remains with the angel credited with the power of the revival and the marketing of miracles.

    Most are not coming seeking a relationship with God, this is problematic and most are not unbelievers also troubling although i am grateful.

    @ Billy I disagree with you, the bible warns that is these days we need to be alert and stand against error.

    @ James. Paul warns us about remaining true to the gospel and you should really consider what others have said were there was nothing.

    Look, at the end of the day, experience is minimal on the stage of truth. The word of God is clear and Mr. Bentley is not teaching sound doctrine.

  12. fortyyearsinthewilderness Says:

    Great informative site!
    Check mine out at:

  13. Hi there B4T,

    My name is Kyle Yancy and I am a Christian and also a Stage 3B Colon Cancer patient (I just had my appendix and part of my colon removed on June 27th). I’d like to get in contact with Mr. Roger and recommend a doctor I am seeing. His name is Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez and his web address is Please have him write me or, if you’d like to vet me out first you can write me. I hope this gets through.

  14. kicking this guy in the stomach is nothing less than a crime! Jesus was hard on people seeking signs and wonders. just how far are some willing to go. I know one that weent to todds healing service sais he was healed but clearly is not healed!!!!!

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