Todd Bentley leaves (gets booted from?) Lakeland

Todd Bentley wanted the attention. He got it on a US network – ABC’s Nightline.

UPDATE: After this story aired on “Nightline,” Fresh Fire Ministries released a statement announcing that preacher Todd Bentley would be taking time off “to refresh and to rest” after having spent four months in Lakeland, Fla., leading revival meetings. In the meantime their Lakeland broadcasts on GOD TV are put on hold.

Nightline did what any investigative show would do – asked questions. There have been plenty of bloggers focusing in on this Canadians theology, his connections to a heretical charismatic fringe, a few minor fluff pieces in Florida media, but once he was off stage facing a seasoned news team, he couldn’t hide his lies and deceptions. Bentley, from Abbotsford BC was promoted by Strang Communications, The Strader family, GodTV, and for the most part the silent complicity of mainstream leaders in Pentecostalism/Charismatic organizations.

Bentley has been on the fringe charismatic preaching circuit for a few years, but it was his contract with the UK’s God TV, with the streaming of the videos of his healing shows (think Benny Hinn on steriods) and the co-ordinated efforts what he called his revival online with tightly moderated pro Lakeland sites that that sent hundreds of thousands of needy people flocking to Florida. And made a pile of money for all concerned, no doubt. No one involved wants to talk about how much has been raked in. (photo: Abbotsford blog)

Night after night, blogs have exposed his lies and unbiblical teaching. A few weeks ago Bentley appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s show on Fox. Bentley did not fare any better than he did on Nightline. This leave comes in the the time June 22 – July 22, 2008  prophesied by Bentley and Bob Jones to be “the best and biggerst outpouring of God’s presence since Acts 2, when the Glory would fall fullest.”

Here is the spin PR God TV released after Bentley ducked for cover after the Nightline expose:

Fresh Fire Ministries announced yesterday that Todd Bentley would be taking some time off to refresh and to rest from the Florida Outpouring after nearly one hundred days of ministry. The Lakeland meetings will continue and Todd will remain the leader of this move of God.

GOD TV as the exclusive broadcast partner in the outpouring knows our viewers have been incredibly blessed through our nightly broadcasts with many lives changed, bodies healed and souls refreshed – we have received thousands of e-mails testifying to the work of God in your lives.

We will continue to stream the LIVE services from Lakeland every night on our dedicated Florida Healing Outpouring stream, (click on Watch Online on the left and select the Florida Healing Outpouring stream) and also make available the most recent service via our on demand platform. However we will take the opportunity to rearrange our broadcast schedules and bring you some incredible primetime programming – including the 2008 Hillsong Australia Conference EXCLUSIVELY on GOD TV, Rodney Howard Browne’s Summer Campmeetings LIVE and many more programmes – PLUS highlights of some of the best nights from the Lakeland Outpouring – this will also all form part of our Battle For Britain initiative in the UK.

We will make another announcement once Todd is fully refreshed and rested about the resumption of our LIVE broadcasts from Lakeland – but until then, you can continue to enjoy the nightly meetings LIVE at and if you are watching on GOD TV then you have lots of great programmes to look forward to plus highlights from the outpouring.

Eli Miller, a senior leader of Fresh Fire Ministries and a long time associate of Todd Bentley announced today that Todd Bentley, leader of the Florida Outpouring, will be taking some time off. “We are grateful for our partnership with GOD TV that has allowed this revival to go around the world”, Miller said. While the revival will continue, the leaders of Fresh Fire believe it is important for Todd to take some time to re-fresh and to rest.

During this time, the revival broadcast will still be available LIVE on the GOD TV website and at Fresh Fire’s website.

I’ve no doubt Todd Bentley will be back. Think Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Peter Popoff. Benny Hinn, Richard Bonnke. There will be no transparency and honesty coming from the Fresh Fire crowd or God TV about finances, lies, heresy, and we won’t be seeing repentance unless it suits the powers behind Lakeland to get the show back on the road; it’s easier to get him out of the way for awhile until the public shock and outrage dies down. There are 50 more ‘apostles’ ready to take Bentleys place, but they don’t have the crowd manipulation skills Bentley has. Yet.
Meantime as seen on the Fresh Fire site, Bentley has a full summer schedule elsewhere.

I commend US bloggers for stepping forward and exposing his false theology, many have been solid discernment sites, many have been walkaways from earlier manifestations of these false teachings (Holy Trinity Brampton, Toronto Blessing, Gainsville, Pensacola) and I commend ABC for giving him the attention he deserved.

A letter to a Florida paper by a medical professional sadly shows a young man who went to Lakeland did not fair well after Bentley told him he was healed.

Roger begins his story here, Roger went to Lakeland unaware of the heresy being peddled, seeking God for healing as thousands have done. The video of Roger being kneed by Bentley has been one of the most watched on YouTube.

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Nightline: July 9th, 2008 Part one
Nightline: Part two
Todd Bentley on Fox

11 Responses to “Todd Bentley leaves (gets booted from?) Lakeland”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The world needs to know about this:

    What’s happened is some genius (from the UK) sent Todd a false testimony of a resurrection which Todd presents on God TV as being verified. What’s more, there is a message encoded in the story saying “Let me see if you verify this Todd or just publish this lie” !

    You can check it out on YouTube here:

    The fabricated testimony is still on Todd’s website here:

    (Although I expect it will disappear pretty quickly now. I have grabbed screen shots for “evidence”).

    What can we learn:

    Firstly, Todd presents the story as verified. That is not the case. The author was never contacted. Todd either believes that it has been verified or is knows full well that it hasn’t been. I suspect the latter and that he’s deliberately telling lies.

    Secondly, this casts doubt on all the other stories Todd has given. They probably haven’t been verified either and could be false or exaggerated.

    Thirdly, we see Toddd “manifest” on the first video, between 5:30 and 5:50. As he’s about to read the fabricated story, Todd is seemingly affected by something and laughs, grunts, and bends over repeatedly. He says “I feel the glory”.

    I find this particularly sad. God has nothing to do with a fake testimony, and there’s no glory in a lie. God can’t be tricked. So either (1) Todd is conciously faking his manifestations, (2) Todd’s subconcious is very deceived and is generating the manifestations, or (3) Todd’s manifestations are demonic.

    Option (2) is very unlikely, and option (3) seems illogical – why would the enemy give credence to a known lie that will be exposed.

    So my money is on option (1). Todd is putting on a religious freak-show and will do whatever it takes to keep the audience entertained, filling the seats and bringing in the money. He is a con-man who cares not for the truth.

    If Todd is a prophet with a hotline to God, how come he was taken in by this? The real glory, which I feel, is in the exposing of a Todd as a fraudster which hopefully will bring about his repentance.

  2. scott771 Says:

    A recent radio interview from Seattle, WA. One of the men interviewed is a member of Peter Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles, and he is speaking out in opposition of Todd Bentley! Check out the interview here:

  3. ray stone Says:

    Before we lynch Bentley let us consider the fact that he is yet a babe in Christ and very zealous, and without some real covering from seasoned men and women of God could discredit what is happening in Lakeland, assuming that it is a genuine move of God. Extra-scriptural revelations are in poor taste at this time. By that I mean, you may get such revelations but to share them as doctrine is taboo. A many of cults have brung up as a result, and it is better to stay very mainstream and avoid hype during a time of massive interest from the church and the world. I can get pass Todd’s appearance, and so should you. John the Baptist rejected his priestly garb and chose rather to dress in camel hair and eat wild honey. No one would covet his diet nor wardrobe, but they didn’t make him any less the forerunner of Christ. This movement needs serious prayer and order lest the spirits of fanaticism and delusion bring it to shipwreck. For a great read check out “A Step Into Deliverance” by T. Pugh. It’s a riveting autobiography about one pastor’s journey into the deliverance ministry.

  4. Hi Ray,
    Todd may very well be saved (that’s not our position to judge), but he has been leading Fresh Fire ministries for 10+ years. How can you say he is a babe in Christ? Whatever his reason for teaching anti-Biblical things, please don’t try to pass it off as his being a babe. In his 14 years of walking with the Lord, he should know his Bible WAY better than he does. P.S. It’s not the messenger I have a problem with, it’s his anti-Biblical message. I pray for him fervently and all the deceived folks who believe the lies he spouts forth. in Him -Brenda

  5. … what people need firstly is getting the book of acts Pentecostal experiences.. and they will naturally next care for the poor people, act like real anointed Christians.

    …Many Christians are doing their own thing, trying to live a life without Jesus, without even taking to him now often too.. Jesus himself hath said without me you can do nothing.. nothing!!!

  6. Just wondering. If someone is genuinely healed at a meeting led by Bentley or someone like him. I mean really healed of something significant, cancer, being significantly hearing impaired (hearing aids), or chronic pain for years. And after attending this meeting the healing lasts. Or perhaps a simple thing like a heart that was hard and weary becomes renewed and has passion for Christ and service unlike anything they have had in years. I mean just a deeper love for the Lord and real renewal. Does that mean that because Bentley is strange and makes some weird statements, yes even statements that any well read Christian would have to say, “I don’t see that as biblical at all”; does that mean that the healing, renewal and life transformed bearing Godly fruit was not genuinely touched by the Holy Spirit? Bentley is immature, there are many, NOT ALL, in the charismatic movement that are. Age does not determine maturity. Maturity comes through both age and right choices. Those that mentor you also need to be considered. And, after 22 year in ministry, I still see myself as quite immature in many ways. Character takes many years, indeed a lifetime, to be formed; especially mature Godly character. My hope and prayer is that Todd will mature through this, drop all the unnecessary hype, get well rooted in the Word and wise application of it and move on into all that God might have for him. He is a brother and needs our prayers and Godly counsel. We can and should wisely judge his actions, in so doing the results also must be considered, the good, bad and ugly, but we should refrain from judging the man by labeling him as anything other than a believer that is struggling and perhaps somewhat misled.

    He needs new mentors. He is still very young. I’d like to see someone mature, with a solid track record be is counselor and friend. God knows he needs it desperately at this time. Let us not forget Grace!!!

  7. I have been to the outpouring and Todd may be a little on the eccentric side, but the presence of God in that place is real. I have been healed of a dehabilitating shoulder injury and many others have been healed that I have had first hand experience with. When you step into the tents in Lakeland, you can feel the glory of God fall upon you. It is an amazing presence. There is a little bit of everything at the revival. Flesh is there, the devil is there, but I KNOW for sure that God was there too. The revival isn’t about Todd Bentley, but he is the vessel chosen by God to deliver the messages and bring the annointing. Give Todd a break and look at what GOD is doing in Lakeland!

  8. Christian Says:

    Dont go for any revival meetings…. outpouring sex meetings …most of the revival preachers are SHORT TEMPERED… I am sure thats not from God …. Go to Good Bible teachers …study about Jesus …. let Holy Spirit guide …Not Mr. Todebently ( I dont want to call him Brother)

  9. I have done a lot of research on Todd. Let me ask you this, is it Godly to speak to dead people? Todd and the rest of the so called KC Prophets have had conversations they believe with Sundan Singh who died in 1929. Singh was a former hindu, who supposedly received Christ. However Singh tried to merge Christianity with Hinduism so how could he really have received Christ. The point being, above all things is that Neorancy, speaking with the dead is forbidden in the Old Testament Scriptures. Todd was a part in this, Just as Benny Hinn claims Katheryn Kulman talks to him. That should be no surprise.

    Todd also claims to speak to a “Angel” named Emma. Says she told him how to heal people. For a Christian,the Holy Spirit is our teacherm not angels. Satan, however can appear as an Angel of light. That is how the Mormons, SDA and Jehovahs witnesses started.

    Todd also speaks of trips to heaven, and when closely looked at, it is astral projection. How many cultish things have to go on before you realize he is in the occult. Not just a cult.

    Lets go back to the Hindu influence he and the KC Prophets have. Singh. Not many people have heard of Kundalini. It is a ritual of the Hindu’s to be healed. What they do is play loud music and chant. You could be chanting the name of Jesus. People start convulsing just as what was going on at Toronto, Brownsville and now Lakeland. Some healings do happen in Kundalini. But these people are out of control and all over the place.

    Nowhere in the scriptures do you see violence associated with healing by our Lord. Nowhere do you see people so out of control in God’s presence. If one were to look back, Paul spoke in detail about things of the Spirit remaing orderly. Just read 1 Corinthians 14. Its all there.

    So what is our fuide in Spiritual things? The word of God, which is explanatory about almost everything or experiences? What exactly are the things of the Spirit of God, and what are soulish emotional experiences? If you place experiences over the Word, then you are in a world of hurt.

    My judgement of Todd Bentley means nothing as to his eternal resting place. But I know he was a satanist. He has admitted as much. I know people that knew him and Pat up in Canada. They left that fellowship because of unscriptural weird happenings. Lets look at the overall fruit:

    He has lied about people being raised from the dead

    He has lied about healings actually happening

    He has been a satanist

    As Lakeland began, he took fown mystic writing on his webpage

    He speaks to the dead admittedly which is an occult activity

    He practices occult Astral projection

    He steals money from believers in his meetings based on false representation of himself and God.

    I think based on all of this, we need to be praying that he is saved because I do not believe he ever has been.

    Thats my opinion.

  10. Were is the wisdom in everyones opinion? Stay with the scriptures to test all things, because not all things are from God. True revival brings true repentance and a lasting relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus the Christ. Hold fast to truth from THE WORD not man’s show, and his folly. Stay away from all evil, run from it like it is a disease. I have been involved with so-called revivals which are nothing but flesh shows and the foolish individuals who attend and those who are involved do not know the Word of God. Why do you look for man to give you what you need? Why do you act so foolish and think it is the Holy Spirit. Why do you listen and defend angry so-called ministers of hell? Is it because you are children of your father, the devil? Is it because you are in continual sin and have never REPENTED of it, turned away completely? Why do you seek out your salvation from man? Some are acting like the Greeks and are always looking for a sign and a false wonder. And you will find it. Some of you are lazy and will not seek out God for your self. Always looking for that UN-supernatural experience to get you from one false revival to another, never learning, never growing. Always babes drinking nothing but milk and never desiring the sincere meat of the Word of God. And you say this is a true move of God just because your un-renewed mind is unstable in all its ways. Anchor yourselfs in the Word of God. Test men whether they are from God or the devil. The day is coming when there will not be time to repent. There is coming a great day when the true prophets and apostles will arrive and put to shame those who are false. The fruits of the wicked will be displayed along with those who refuse Him who speaks. The false testimonies and twisted words of evil, wicked men will have their tongues cleave to the roof of their mouth as they speak lies of the Holy One. And it will in front of multitudes, because in front of multitudes they have spoken lies against the Holy Spirit and the wages of their sin will be evident for the whole world to see. When are we, the Church of Jesus the Christ wake up and turn to Him at this hour? When are we going shake off the snakes in our lives? When are we going to grow up? Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The midnight hour is upon us and many of us are alseep and have no oil for our lamps, because you are lazy. Wake up Church! The Bride Groom is at the door.

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