Patricia King – Woe Is Me

9 Responses to “Patricia King – Woe Is Me”

  1. You are right, this is sad. It is especially sad for those who think that these deceived people are actually hearing from God. If we did not have such a high level of scriptural illiteracy, many of these false teachers would be immediately exposed as the heretics they are.

  2. I see Patricia King and her deceiption on a lot of You tube…
    These are doctrines straight from the pit of Hell….
    Her ekstasis dance (trance dancing… club mysterio) is similar
    to a report in the 80’s or 90’s on voodoo practice and voodoo dancing… they would work themselves into a trance state by
    the repeatitive dance and shaking….. You can do the samething by violently shaking your head and vibrating your body like Todd Bently….. Both brings you to a trance state where you give access to your spirit to demons and their doctrines…. People must stay grounded in the word of God and God’s doctrines, which are presented and explained to us in the Holy Bible…….
    1John 4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
    2By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God;

    Read this carefully it says test the spirit not the prophets…
    If we have the spirit of God in us then we can discern the spirits. If we test these spirits like the bible says then we will know if they are from God or demons…. When we test the spirit and if we hear nothing (which will probably be the case)then the so called prophet is a liar, a cheat, FALSE…..
    Even so called baby christians can do this….. because the Holy Spirit who is in all christians is not a baby…..
    I pray for eveyone to apply this test and see what happens….. remember we are to test the spirits and the results will prove or disprove the prophet…

    In the Love of Christ….. Mike…

    • So…anyone who does “repetative dance and shaking” or “violently shaking your head and vibrating your body” will inherently be filled with demons.

      1. Sounds a lot like what you find in clubs in the American nightlife. Shake your booty now.

      2. Sounds a lot like David who was scorned for dancing by a woman (his wife) who became STERILE from that day forward. So be careful who you scorn for dancing. I will be dancing with my wife on my wedding day and I will be doing some sort of “repetative dance”; maybe the two step. There will be “shaking” involved. There will be “vibrating my body” involved at some point. I also ‘dance before the Lord’ in my living room. Yes we need to test the spirits but if you judge soley on someone dancing you are straight up foolhardy, uneducated and judgemental. You need to go home and read the Bible. You also need to put a scripture reference. What you wrote may not be a reference to scripture which would make you someone trying to sit in the place of God in writing His Word. All us men whom are made uncomfortable by dancing need to G-R-O-W U-P and not only dance like the greatest warrior up unto Jesus himself but cry and weep like both David and Jesus. We need to wail like the other prophets and SHOUT to the Lord like David.

      • that verse says to test spirits, not prophets. It doesn’t say what you made it out to say. You should be wary of associating any spirits with other humans except for when there is evidence that there is a connection, such as the words of the prophet or their actions. You don’t feel out a spirit and then be like BAM, that person had a spirit, I JUST KNEW IT. That more than likely was a spirit that was connected to your own voice.

    • Oh and also…

      Your post was NOT loving, so stop with the “In the Love of Christ” garbage.

  3. faggotry…

    Great Read…I really value your information!…

  4. You just don’t know how ignorant all of you sound.

  5. windy eberly Says:

    aww, c’mon now king david, where’s the love?

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