‘Pastor’ boasts of Lying for Todd Bentley

Here we see a so called ‘Pastor’ at Lakeland tell the audience of this circus that he told a member of his church a whooper, which according to him he had divine help to make the story up.

‘When I make stuff up, the Holy Spirit does it cool’.

8 Responses to “‘Pastor’ boasts of Lying for Todd Bentley”

  1. Carolyn Canessa Says:

    I am grieved over this pastor’s lack of respect for the Holy Spirit of God and his lack of the “fear of the Lord”. Beyond that I am amazed that more Godly pastors are not screaming out against the lack of discernment that is overtaking the Body of Christ in Lakeland. I sent an email to David Burton ,Evangelism Director, Florida Baptist Convention, Jacksonville Fla. telling him concerning Todd Bentley, ” …I just want to know if there is zeal for God’s truth in the world. Are there any men of God who would be willing to put their reputations on the line for God? Please ask the Lord how to receive this email and what you should do about it’s message.” Mr. Burton’s reply, ” I have heard much…Keep praying and trusting God…..not Florida BAPTIST…….to take care of this. Blessings! ” The logo under his reply said, ” It is only good news if they hear it in time”. Shame and dishonor be on all those shepherds of the sheep who will not speak out for the sake of the sheep. Carolyn Canessa

  2. Caught Thinking Says:

    Just a nightmare!

  3. Hi there…I found your site yesterday and I really like it. And Todd Bentley needs to be arrested.

    That aside, I am wondering if you’d be interested in doing a book review for Active Christian Media. If you are, just email me back and I’ll tell you more.

    I’m asking you because you appear to be biblically grounded, and for this book you’d need to be. Thanks.

  4. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen Says:

    It is sad. I can only pray that my fellow teenagers aren’t sucked into this garbage more and more

  5. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen Says:

    P.S. I think they’re a typo with the word “lying” 😆

  6. Thanks Doug, thought it looked a bit odd, I’m slacking!

  7. I cannot believe that he or anyone would ay what he said out loud… but did you hear the laughter as he joked ( I don’t call it joking) and told the wild irrational, disrespectful for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit language. I am just relieved that the TRUTH that this is all evil and preying on people who are despartely in need of help, healing, or a miracle, TAKING THE HEARTS AND THE SPIRITS AND THE MONEY TO THe FROM THesESE POOR PEOPLE. (OR Seeds as they call their offerings) and living their ridiculously wild and expensive lifestyles. When you are desperate I know you will try anything. I just pray the Lord will reveal the demonic talk about everything that comes out of Todd and his fellow pastors of the ‘Dark Church and “-Bound for Hell CHurch. That a “wind of discernment ” would take the blinders off all those who have been soiled and misled by this devil filled pack of men and women all over the world who have beguiled and seduce people. To alll those who stand with him and teach a doctrince of distruction. May GOd HAVE MERCEY ON YOUR SOULS…. FOR YOU CANNOT MISLEAD THE CHILDREN OF GOD WITH PAYING A HUGE PRICE..ETENITY WITHOUT GOD. (by the way this is my first ever blog. I am what you call a senior citizen in this world, but a lover of my LORD and SAVIOR FOR over 50 years.) Thanks for this opportunity. I have been so concerned about this people)

  8. I am so sorry for the typos I made in my statement. I hope you will forgive this old prayer warrior

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