Sister Paula the Transgendered Tele-Evangelist


Thanks to defcon for this.

3 Responses to “Sister Paula the Transgendered Tele-Evangelist”

  1. Is he for real??? I already know the answer is deception, but if you love God and cherish His Living word, how can you misinterpret any scripture that decries the effeminate, strange flesh, Romans 1, Leviticus 18?

    I refuse to call this person “sister”, he’s a man. I work in mental health and I never could understand how the opposite sex “feels” like they were born in the wrong body, or that they “feel” more feminine or masculine, when they don’t know what it means to be that. they have no other point of reference other than what is portrayed in society (if they understood and believed God’s word, they would know better). Humanism says that people should not be subjected to traditional gender roles, but this man clearly is subscribing to a traditional role…hair styled like a woman, female attire, makeup. It’s confusion. It doesn’t matter what a man has cut off or a woman has attached- maimed or not, they will never be anything but but the biological sex they were born.

  2. I thought I had seen it all. Which Bible has he read? God does love gay people, but he cannot love OR accept their sin. If someone is gay, fine…God himself gave you the right to choose sin, but don’t walk around saying it’s Biblically acceptable. Of of my pet peeves is when someone tries to justify sin by twisting scripture.

  3. Amazing!! simply amazing that people will listen to this stuff

    Note : new blog name

    God bless
    – dale

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