Motorbike Ministry

You thought you had seen it all?

Take a look at this short clip showing a seeker sensitive ‘pastor’ trying to use a Motorcycle for an illustration in his ‘sermon’.. this is truly pathetic.

The author of the video writes – ‘The reason I posted this was so our congregation could remember it and heal through the occurrence. You see, this is MY CHURCH! I am the worship leader putting my guitar down just before the accident. The Sr. Pastor is a dear friend of mine who broke his finger and had many bruises. We just laugh about it now though!’

‘I did try to talk him out of riding it into the sanctuary himself. I was going to do that since I ride my motorcycle all the time! The sermon was about sex. There was a pile of motorcycle parts on the floor that you can hardly see in the video. He was going to drive up slowly, park the motorcycle, dismount and preach. The point was that the difference between the two motorcycles was how they were used.’

Spurgeon would turn in his grave.

HT – A Little Leaven

2 Responses to “Motorbike Ministry”

  1. More Seeker Sensitive Motorbike sermons 😀

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