Lakeland Disturbing Prayer (Must See)

Roy Fields (Lakeland ‘Worship Leader’) shares his violent heart in this very disturbing prayer.

10 Responses to “Lakeland Disturbing Prayer (Must See)”

  1. he means the evil sprit not the person the last part of that film where he said ive lied be for i think you edited that to make him look bad even though it didnt look to good any one could figer that the person making this has somethink agaist this man or your own life is not right
    thats it i see that a man who dose what you do thinks he knows god truly but is dieseved in some parts of his life just get on with you life let god be the the jude of the nations stop wasteing the life that god has given you and close this site down but thats just my torts u do what you want in life but listen to god maby you can become a carry of gods presences try praiseing god evry day with music asking for his presences and derection this site is a waste of time do somethick big good for god…… thanks ps if you work for the devil then god is bigger there is no point trying to fight the god who made you………… thanks bye

  2. I am stunned. I cannot believe that a Christian would pray such a prayer. I know we all have faults, and I have many too, but praying for someone’s death is a little extreme and not to mention un biblical. It goes against Jesus’ teaching on love, forgiveness and prayer.

    The fruits of the spirit include love, joy and kindness. The fruits don’t seem to be apparent. If they were he would not be wishing fellow believers dead, just because they do not believe the revival is real.

    According to 1 John ( message translation)

    Anyone who claims to live in God’s light and hates a brother or sister is still in the dark. I may be wrong, God forgive me if I am, but he seemed to have alot of hatred of anyone who disagreed with him. God have mercy on him.

    I am deeply concerned for the body of Christ. This man, Todd Bentley and the others involved with this so called revival need our prayer and also those that follow them.

    I am so concerned that genuine, spiritually hungry Christians are being deceived or worse, damaged by this so called revival. God help us all. It is very sad.

  3. V eronica Says:

    so what are you saying? that he was praying for an evil spirit to die a violent death? How can a spirit die a violent death? Where is the biblical basis for what you are saying?
    When Jesus and the apostles cast out demons he told them to be gone not to die a violent death. I know about the lake of fire in revelation, but it is God who will throw satan in the lake of fire. We do not that authority!

    Regarding the author’s relationship with God, how do you know that he/she does not not worship and pray every day and does not do good things fro God? Do we need to believe in Bentley do good works? I thought we had to believe in Jesus! This is true even if the Holy Spirit is moving through Bentley.

    All I am doing is testing the spirits according to scripture. The Bereans tested what Paul the apostle said against scripture and were commended by Paul for it. It is not a sin even if the Lakeland revival is of God.

    thought I would end by giving you a few facts about me. I have been a Christian for twelve years and for all those years I have been and still am, a charismatic Christian. I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and believe God moves today. If you want to find out what a true revival is, research the Hebridean revival. A few people gathered to pray, and then people who were not saved were crying out to be saved. This is what I would love see happen in the UK again.

  4. Disturbing indeed! However, this is a clip of less than a minute with the egregious part repeated for effect. I would like to see the full prayer with this part in context – not that it would make what was said any more acceptable.

  5. It’s also interesting to note that the Islamic’s use a word that is translated “cow”, when talking about non-Islamic’s.

    One of the first steps used in bringing persecution against others is to de-humanize them. This is what the Nazi’s did to the Jews, the Islamic’s do to non-Islamics, and now the modern church uses against biblical believers. Apparently Satan has not changed his tactics.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    sue s. You have a point. Maybe I should watch the whole thing before commenting. I should know better.

    Still though ,I don’t know what a religious cow is and I never heard a Christian pray in such a way. No Christian that I know would.

  7. sue s. You have a point. Maybe I should watch the whole thing before commenting. I should know better.

    Still though ,I don’t know what a religious cow is and I never heard a Christian pray in such a way. No Christian that I know would.

  8. fellow soldier, Wow your point about islam is interesting

  9. LilMizMargi Says:

    OK I am going to be a bit confrontational. I am going on the record. I know Roy Fields personally and he is one of the most loving, compassionate Christians around so someone is trying very hard to make him appear otherwise, for some unknown reason. Did any of you attend the Lakeland revival? Were you there when the prayer was prayed? Were you there to discern the spiritual atmosphere or listen to the prayer within the context in which it was prayed? Why did this person pick and choose a portion of the prayer only and not show us the whole thing? Selah! Are you just content to join the bandwagon and begin casting stones with a phariseiical judgmental spirit when facing the supernatural moves of God? Heck, the world is at least standing by eyeing us “fanatics” wondering if it’s real or not. But when Christians, who ought to know better rise up and criticize, well that’s a whole other story.

  10. Windy Eberly Says:

    Dear “god”,
    Do you have something against periods?

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