By Chelsea Schilling

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

School board imposes homosexual curriculum on classes

A California school district has approved a mandatory homosexual curriculum for children as young as 5 – and parents will not be allowed to remove their children from the lessons.

The mandatory program, officially titled “LGBT Lesson #9,” was approved May 26 by the Alameda County Board of Education by a vote of 3-2. Students from kindergarten through fifth grade will learn about “tolerance” for the homosexual lifestyle beginning next year.


  1. Lynnette Green Says:

    I pray & hope that all parents (1st. & foremost Christian) will fight this incl in the press (if its Gods will). But I’m sadly not shocked if they dont…after all if you have Rick Warren (if not mistaken) on Larry King sharing how hes not involved with Porposition 8 defending marriage between a man & women” as if thats bad when its just the oppopsit & he claims to be a Christian…than I wonder what the “Christian church & leaders” will do to fight this evil!

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