Mark Driscoll Screaming At The Men In His Church

Love him or loathe him Mark Driscoll says how it is…but not without compassion. Here he looses his cool and gives the men of his church, who have been attending for many years, a right ticking off for still abusing, neglecting, and dishonoring the woman in their life. Mark seems to reach the parts others fail to reach! to download the entire sermon: Marriage and Men from the Trial Series.

Thanks  to JeremyMarriedGuy for the video.

5 Responses to “Mark Driscoll Screaming At The Men In His Church”

  1. Still convicting, dude.

  2. bigstuck66 Says:

    Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

    The Gospel of Jesus is one that flips the world upside-down. You don’t confront abusers with more abuse. You do it through true transformation.

    Seriously, read John Howard Yoders “The politics of Jesus” sometime. Or Donald Kraybills “The Upside-down Kingdom”

    Get with the program man.

  3. nic gathers Says:

    What I say and heard; I personally loved it!

  4. I think it can be said that you can also hold him accountable for why the men of his church are disrespecting the women in their lives.

  5. Steve Brown Says:

    I’m amazed that people found that “abusive”. Thin skinned! I’m a Man & I need to hear that strong truth & rebuke (a biblical category for discipline) so that I don’t take my wife for granted…

    BTW: I think after that, the men were very “Meek” & went home determined to honor & love their wives! Some of you would have the men of that Church continue unchecked in their wicked behaviour…is that loving to them, their wives, girl-fiends, and children? I think NOT!

    Mark shepherds them with strong love.

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