Open-Air Preacher Wrongly Accused.

An open-air preacher in England has been told by the police he is breaking the law because he has been preaching against homosexuality yet they cannot prove such a “crime” took place – his conversation with the police officers is being taped.

Just another example of a call for “tolerance” from the “intolerant”!

Thanks to christianorguk for the video

2 Responses to “Open-Air Preacher Wrongly Accused.”

  1. Well brother, I’m a street preacher also. The best I understand it is that the people that are being convicted want it stopped. That is the problem. If your sinning, you don’t want to hear about it, do you? I am sure that they would lie to try and stop it.
    My prayers are for you, brother! Keep going as God directs. We haven’t seen nothing yet as far as persecution goes, but it’s coming.

    God bless you,

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