Rick Warren, speaking to nearly 8,000 Muslims at the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention in Washington D.C. says he is not interested in “interfaith dialogue”! What’s “interfaith dialogue”? According to my Bible there is only one true faith Rick and your job (if you really believe there is one true faith that is) is to preach it …Jesus said…”If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me”…”I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by Me”…8000 poor lost Muslims bound for a lost eternity without Christ and all you say you’re interested in is “interfaith projects”!

I wonder if you really have a grasp of the Gospel Rick for if you have surely you would have grasped a golden opportunity to proclaim Christ to a captive audience, regardless of the consequences to your image! You’re controversial Rick… for all the wrong reasons!

Take a leaf out of John Calvin’s book and be an object for controversy for the right reasons – Doug Smith says of him: “anyone who possess a serious threat to the world the flesh and the devil is going to be necessarily become an object of controversy, as in all God’s faithful servants”.

Or better still take a leaf out of the great Apostle Paul’s book – it was said of him, as Smith states in the video…“everywhere Paul went there was either a revival or a riot”.

Thanks to yahya2006 and DGconferences for videos.

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