Paul Washer’s Story

3 Responses to “Paul Washer’s Story”

  1. Pastor paul washer has changed my life.
    He preaches the truth from his heart,he is annointed aman of God.
    He preaches the pure word of God,
    May God bless his life.
    I am too apreacher, but pastor paul, he is afaithful man of God who has no fear left in him.yes aperson can not be save and still live in his/her sins.I believe that.

  2. God bless paul washer.
    I hope will meet him in heaven one day.
    could you please visit Rwanda.what a message from him.
    God bless you.

  3. Francesca Tantillo Says:

    I agree completely! Paul Washer is one of the greatest preacher of all times!! so honest and direct ONLY from the word of God the Bible! may God Almighty bless him in his life and ministry, Praise God for Pastor like Paul Washer!!

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