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XXXCHURCH & Pete the Porno Puppet

Posted in Christian Erotica, Way Of The Master on May 10, 2008 by Billy Creighton

Have a look at these 2 Ads from XXXCHURCH for kids. How low can we go?

Todd Friel From Way Of The Radio Investigates the Advert from XXXChurch,  have a listen.

“There are some, in these apostate days, who think that the church cannot do better than to come down to the world to learn her ways, follow her maxims, and acquire her “culture.” In fact, the notion is that the world is to be conquered by our conformity to it. This is as contrary to Scripture as the light is to the darkness.”
– Charles Spurgeon


Red Hot Sex (The State of The Church)

Posted in Christian Erotica on May 7, 2008 by Billy Creighton