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Dogs, Crumbs, and a Faith to Emulate (Jeff Noblit)

Posted in Jeff Noblit, Sermons on October 12, 2008 by Billy Creighton

I Did That!…..Did What? (Jeff Noblit)

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“Let’s get down to where the rubber meets the road and perhaps do some repenting in our own hearts about the way we have made salvation something other than a grace gift when He gives that faith to trust Christ as Savior. Man’s flesh, man’s lower fallen nature desires desperately to lower faith, that means to redefine faith so that he can say that it dwells within his fallen capacity.” – Jeff Noblit

This excerpt was taken from the sermon “Saved By Grace Through Faith”

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Standing Against Sinners Who Want to Lead Us Astray (Jeff Noblit)

Posted in Jeff Noblit on August 12, 2008 by Billy Creighton