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Purpose Driven Life – John MacArthur

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The Shame Of The False Gospel Preachers.

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Heretics still abound.

‘But there were false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.
And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.
By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber.’
2 Peter 2:1-3

A.W Pink:

“Satan is the arch-counterfeiter. The Devil is now busy at work in the same field in which the Lord sowed the good seed. He is seeking to prevent the growth of the wheat by another plant, the tares, which closely resembles the wheat in appearance. In a word, by a process of imitation he is aiming to neutralize the Work of Christ. Therefore, as Christ has a Gospel, Satan has a gospel too; the latter being a clever counterfeit of the former. So closely does the gospel of Satan resemble that which it parodies, multitudes of the unsaved are deceived by it”.

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Rick Warren, speaking to nearly 8,000 Muslims at the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention in Washington D.C. says he is not interested in “interfaith dialogue”! What’s “interfaith dialogue”? According to my Bible there is only one true faith Rick and your job (if you really believe there is one true faith that is) is to preach it …Jesus said…”If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me”…”I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by Me”…8000 poor lost Muslims bound for a lost eternity without Christ and all you say you’re interested in is “interfaith projects”!

I wonder if you really have a grasp of the Gospel Rick for if you have surely you would have grasped a golden opportunity to proclaim Christ to a captive audience, regardless of the consequences to your image! You’re controversial Rick… for all the wrong reasons!

Take a leaf out of John Calvin’s book and be an object for controversy for the right reasons – Doug Smith says of him: “anyone who possess a serious threat to the world the flesh and the devil is going to be necessarily become an object of controversy, as in all God’s faithful servants”.

Or better still take a leaf out of the great Apostle Paul’s book – it was said of him, as Smith states in the video…“everywhere Paul went there was either a revival or a riot”.

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Growing Hostility Toward Christianity – Crosstalk

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To listen to this show in its entirety, click here:…

Host: Ingrid Schlueter
Guest: Sarah Leslie

Sarah Leslie is an author and researcher. She’s a member of the board of directors of Discernment Ministries and is a member of the Discernment Research Group.

This edition of Crosstalk looked at the ramped up persecution in the West when it comes to biblical Christianity from within evangelicalism. Rick Warren’s chief apologist online, Richard Abanes, has publicly likened Ingrid and several colleagues to David Koresh and other cult leaders and claims that they are all marked by:

1. A deep seated ‘us vs. them’ mentality
2. Feelings of persecution
3. Paranoia
4. A kind of xenophobic response to any and all attempts to have a more
tolerant/civil approach to various issues.

Here’s a quote:

“…Not surprisingly, such a perspective is also often linked to an extremist end-time obsession that acts as fertile ground for the planting, watering, and harvesting of all kinds of conspiracy theories related to such things as the anti-Christ, the Great Apostasy, and the so-called coming One World Government…This is all very disturbing, but God is in control…”
–Richard Abanes

This kind of resistance is not unusual because as Sarah Leslie noted, having a master’s degree in counseling, she was taught that those who hold to any absolute ideas are suspect as being mentally ill.

Ingrid and Sarah discuss how and why this attitude has entered the church, others that are promoting it, and how a rejection of biblical eschatology within evangelicalism is helping New Age teachings and Christianity to merge.

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Rick Warren – Sermons DO NOT Produce Spiritual Maturity

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Take 15 minutes and listen from the 5:30 – 20:00 minute mark

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Source – Truth Matters, Way of The Master.

Ingrid Schlueters invitation from Rick Warren and response

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Hi Ingrid,

On behalf of Pastor Rick Warren, I would like to personally invite you to attend this years Purpose Driven Church Gathering (May 20-22) at our wonderful campus in Lake Forest, California. Pastor Rick would not only like to invite you, but pay for you to come out and spend three days with this group of national and global leaders. We are anticipating close to 2,000 leaders will gather to learn from our guest speakers. The only request we have is that you please wait to share your thoughts until the conference has completed. This will give you the best chance to listen and learn before responding. Lastly, I would like to include you in an open discussion time with Pastor Rick and a few other leaders on Thursday, May 22nd.

I truly hope you will accept this wonderful offer to come and learn. Please let me know by Monday, May 12th if we can count on you joining us. If you can, I will have our travel agent connect with you to take care of your travel needs. To learn more about this great gathering please click here PDC Gathering.


Erik Rees
Saddleback Church
1 Saddleback Parkway
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Dear Erik,

I am in receipt of your invitation offering an all-expenses paid trip to Saddleback’s worship conference. I cannot accept your invitation. In the world of live church webcasts, book publishers, websites and so on, it is no longer necessary to travel to see a church to understand what it is all about. Your pastor’s copious writings, speeches and sermons are online and available for everyone to see and analyze in the light of God’s Word.

No amount of time spent with Rick Warren or the worship conference leaders at Saddleback can change basic facts. One of your speakers, Pastor Mark Batterson, recently referred readers on his website to the writings of New Age teacher, Eckhart Tolle, featured by Oprah Winfrey. He said that Tolle’s book, Practicing the Power of Now, was instrumental in the way he thought about life. I could not sit and listen to someone with that lack of discernment. Also featured at your worship conference is Pastor Jentezen Franklin, of the Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia. This is the pastor who featured a Michael Jackson Thriller dance on his church platform at a Halloween-themed service, complete with a haunted house set-up on stage. Again, how could I sit under that kind of pastor to learn about worship of the Most High God? Additionally, you have Pastor Mark Driscoll as a speaker. Mark’s filthy language and vulgarity is not fit for any woman’s ears, and I’m not about to subject myself to his disobedient use of coarse jesting in the name of ministry. It does not comport with the Scripture’s requirements for conduct in the office of the ministry. Pastor Mark Beeson of Granger Community Church will also be there to speak on the subject of worship. I cannot listen to a “pastor” who claims personal responsibility for the sex-sermon-campaigns by churches across the nation. These campaigns have brought complaints even from the unregenerate who are sick of their children getting hit with lewd materials in public places. Any pastor who is responsible for this kind of filth has nothing to share on the subject of worshiping our holy God.

Pastor Rick Warren has had vast financial resources to share with the world his solution to mankind’s problems. He, unfortunately, has chosen to introduce an entirely new generation to a social gospel, rather than the exclusive message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is telling that none of the E’s in his P.E.A.C.E. plan stand for “evangelism”. This is wrong.

I cannot agree to Rick Warren’s invitation. He has been biblically confronted repeatedly by those far more able than I regarding his numerous unbiblical teachings and the damage they have done to churches nationwide. We are to worship the Lord both in spirit and in truth. The mixture of truth and error is a dangerous combination spiritually, and that is why I will not be coming to Saddleback.


Ingrid Schlueter

VCY America Radio Network

Rick Warren: Pastor to a Pornographer

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“Pastor” Rick Warren’s Lie

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Rick Warren Tells Us How to Get to Heaven

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Did Rick Warren tell the truth?

Rick Warren Asks for Allahs forgiveness

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Yup, you read that right. See, he’s been working on a unity between Islam and Christianity. In the process, he signed a document. Want to see it? Oh…yeah…read the end of the Preamble. Better yet, here’s what to look for:

“Before we “shake your hand” in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world.”

Wanna guess who the “All-Merciful One” is? It isn’t Jesus. It is Allah, the false god of Islam.

By signing this, Rick Warren, Senior “Pastor” and “wolf-in-sheep’s clothing” of Saddleback Church, committed open apostasy. Note that he wasn’t the only one. He just happens to be a very influential person in what I reluctantly call “evangelicalism”. Bill Hybels signed it as well as his other liberal friend, Robert Schuller and a host of other Christian “wannabes”.

My friends, this is called “shipwrecking the faith”. Hymenaeus and Alexander would be proud.

Hillary Clinton at Rick Warrens Church

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It looks like Purpose Driven Puppet Master Rick Warren can’t get enough of the world. There’s apparently no limit to “Pastor” Rick’s shameless self-promotion. In my opinion the man is so corrupt that he would gladly pay for the opportunity to spiritually prostitute himself.

As if it weren’t enough to have late-term abortion champion B. Hussein Obama speaking from his pulpit earlier this year, he’s following that blasphemous act with yet another giddy abortionette as a special guest speaker at his mega-church Saddleback; militant feminist and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Maybe he should consider renaming his church and calling it Whore on the Beast’s Back

Don’t get the wrong impression here, this is not a political blog, nor is this a political matter, far from it. This is a matter of stupefying spiritual harlotry of the lowest order. Frankly I’m aghast at the depths to which the Devil Driven apostate Rick Warren is willing to sink in order to realize his fevered high noon fantasies of P.E.A.C.E. plans and to spread his man-centered non-gospel of nothingness.

Crosstalk did a show featuring Brannon House on this topic. To listen, click here. Listen to details from last year’s AIDS conference (in which Barack Obama was a guest) by clicking here.

John Macarthur Talks about Purpose Driven ‘Lie’

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Rick Warren Tells Us How to Get to Heaven

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